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By: Acoustic Product Sales  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sound Absorption

SilencePlus ceiling baffles absorb and deflect sound waves, which would ordinarily be reflected into work areas. High-intensity noise can be reduced to safe, comfortable levels.The product is made from QUASH™ – a revolutionary new polyethylene foam developed by Dow Chemical.

With SilencePlus, you gain:

  • Exceptional noise absorption
  • Easy installation
  • A rugged and long-lasting sound management solution

Excellent low-to-mid frequency sound absorption
SilencePlus baffles deliver excellent sound absorption in low to medium frequencies (<2000 Hz) – the frequencies most prevalent in industrial applications and the most difficult for conventional materials to absorb.

Maintains acoustic performance and structural integrity under wet and humid conditions
Unlike traditional acoustic materials, SilencePlus has a closed-cell construction that doesn’t absorb or retain water. SilencePlus baffles maintain their acoustical performance even in very humid conditions.They are also dimensionally stable in hot and humid environments.

Ultimate flexibility - Custom sizes and shapes are available
Installation is easy and safe because the panels are lightweight and fibre-free. Just uncrate the baffles and attach using the anodized aluminum fastening system supplied with the product. The high mechanical strength and chemical resistance of SilencePlus baffles makes them rugged and longlasting. They can be washed without loss of acoustic performance.

Keywords: Sound Absorption

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