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By: Acoustic Product Sales  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wall, acoustics, Galvanized Steel

Rooms with good acoustics promote a healthy environment for the people who work and perform in these spaces. The acoustic treatment of walls and or ceiling areas reduces the reverberation times (echo) and lowers the noise levels, therefore affecting the quality of the acoustics of a room, improving speech intelligibility and enhancing the sound quality.

Acoustic Metal Panels are applied to the upper walls and or ceiling of acoustically hard spaces as sound absorbers for potentially noisy environments such as:

  • swimming pools
  • class rooms
  • music practice rooms
  • restaurants and dining areas
  • conference rooms and halls
  • home theatres
  • recording and broadcast studios
  • pump and compressor rooms
  • industrial work areas


PANEL FACINGS shall be fabricated of 22GA zinc coated steel, perforated with 3/32” holes on 5/32” staggered centres (0.85mm zinc coated steel, perforated with 2.4mm holes on 4.0mm staggered centres). “V” ridged on 6” (152mm) centres to a depth of ¾” (19mm) and suitably stiffened with transverse faming members. There shall be a minimum of two framing members on Panels up to 8’0” (2438mm) in length. Panels over 8’0” (2438mm) in length shall have 3 framing members.

FRAMING MEMBERS shall be manufactured from 20GA zinc coated steel. Each framing member shall be supplied with to ¼” x 20 (6mm – 20) blind threaded inserts for attachment of Panel to mounting bracket. Tensile strength shall be at least 220 pounds (100kg) per insert in 20GA steel. ¾” long ¼” – 20 (19mm long 6mm - 20) cadmium bolts shall be supplied for attachment of the 11GA wall or ceiling brackets.

MOUNTING BRACKETS: Four support brackets will be supplied for each panel. Brackets will be L-formed minimum11GA galvanized steel 1.5” x 2” x 6” (38 x 51 x 152mm) and support the panel 4” (102mm) away from the wall or ceiling.

ACOUSTICAL INSULATION shall be 2” (50mm) thick fine fibred, fibrous glass having a density of not less than 1.5 lbs/cu.ft (24 kg/cu.M). Acoustical insulation shall be sealed in flame guard polyethylene.

LABORATORY TEST DATA: Independent laboratory test data shall be provided to verify the sound absorption characteristics of the Panels. Test shall be conducted per ASTM-C-423-81a and shall exhibit at least the following sound absorption as expressed in cabins for a standard 30’ x 120” (762mm x 3048mm) Panel with 2 mil flame guard polyethylene wrapped acoustic filler.















A fire test of the panel system shall be provided, if this option is required. The test shall be conducted per ASTM-E84 (81a) and shall demonstrate no more than; flame spread 10 and smoke density 5. For outdoor applications, a fiberglass #1526 cloth wrapping is recommended.

FINISHES: Standard finish is white polyurethane enamel. Colours may be specified from manufacturers standard paint chart.

NOTE: In areas of high corrosion, 0.032 (0.8mm) perforated aluminum shall be substituted for the perforated facing; inserts shall be aluminum; bolts shall be 316 SS, all other requirements shall remain the same. Brackets for wall panels shall be 316 SS.

ACOUSTIC METAL PANELS (AMPs) shall be dispersed on ceiling and wall areas to provide a relatively uniform distribution of absorption.


Acoustic Metal Panels used in Pumping Stations and Utility Rooms

Acoustic Metal Panels used in Water & Waste WaterPplants

Acoustic Metal Panels used in a Gymnasium and a Cafeteria

Keywords: Acoustic Treatment, acoustics, Galvanized Steel, Sound Absorption, Wall

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