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By: Windley Ely  09-12-2011
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Partnering with Windley Ely in our Total Claims Management Program (TCMP) means WE works to minimize your employees’ lost time, lower average claim costs, generate smaller premiums and ultimately create greater return to shareholders.

Each TCMP is customized to the needs of the customer. WE will review of the size and structure of the customer and business activities, their labour relations and current workplace injury management processes.

The goal of TCMP is to allow our customer to take advantage of having lower workers' compensation premiums than its competitors and providing a greater return to the shareholders.

The program encompasses the full spectrum of workplace injury claims by providing service in five primary areas:

  • Accident Reporting
  • Early and Safe Return to Work
  • Case Management
  • Financial Management
  • Communication and Reporting

Accident Reporting

WE improve workplace injury communication.

Prior to receiving claims, the TCMP process includes working with our customer to design reporting packages and communication vehicles for the program. These packages contain all the information necessary to ensure that both management and workers have a complete understanding of their roles and responsibilities when a workplace injury occurs or an occupational illness develops.

WE gather all information required for reporting to ensure prompt adjudication of our customers' claims. This enables legitimate claims to be processed efficiently and in cases where an issue of dispute may arise, all necessary information is presented at the outset.

WE prepare and submit all documents to the provincial workers' compensation agency and provide our customers with a copy for their records. When required by law or by our customer’s preference, copies are forwarded from our office directly to the claimant.

Early and Safe Return to Work

WE promote early and safe return to work.

The success of any injury management program is measured using financial, productivity and human relations benchmarks. Throughout the resolution of a workplace injury claim, WE communicate with all parties to ensure that there is progress towards a fully integrated return to work. In cases where a worker will not be able to return to their pre-injury work, WE facilitates short and long term plans with our customer to achieve a resolution that is in everyone's best interest.

WE manage the issues to maintain focus on the resolution.

During the course of a workplace injury claim, seemingly unrelated issues often arise, including but not limited to non-occupational health concerns and employee relations matters. Our team works with our customers to separate issues that require attention outside of the scope of the workplace injury management program and manage them accordingly.

Financial Management

WE manage ongoing costs and identify opportunities for savings.

Provincial legislation and the definition of workplace injury have broadened and the costs to employers continue to rise. Each province now has a form of experience rating that enables employers to manage a significant portion of these costs.

TCMP tracks and manages the costs associated with each claim and WE provide recommendations that allow our customers to make decisions to reduce the costs of workers’ compensation claims. Our system is designed ensure each of our customers take full advantage of cost relief opportunities in every jurisdiction.

Communication and Reporting

WE engage with our customers at all levels, from administrative staff, through supervisors and managers to senior management and boards of directors.

Communication drives culture and we promote both the successes and challenges of each component of the program on an ongoing basis. TCMP has a built in continuous improvement process that can be customized to include month or quarterly strategy meetings.

WE works with each customer to develop a communication strategy that best suits the needs of the business and may include daily injury reports, monthly claims, statistical reports and regular financial reports. Our call centre is open Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. and every customer is provided with emergency after hours contacts.

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