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By: Wernhamwealth  09-12-2011
Keywords: Insurance, wealth management, insurance products

Ted is unique in the field of financial planning: he's an income and personal asset manager. The following services capture the basics of what he does. He helps clients manage investment, pension and other retirement income, and he makes sure clients receive savings on taxation, insurance and estate planning that are due to them. And before all of that, he does a comprehensive analysis of each client's portfolio of income streams, investments, pension choices, and general financial health.

Income and asset analysis

New clients at Wernham Wealth Management are offered a comprehensive audit of their personal assets and wealth. We quite literally line up all your assets on a spreadsheet, i.e. your personal scorecard of assets, and we project those assets into the future. We link your income with investments, savings, obligations, liabilities and a range of government benefits and taxes. At the end of the scorecard, for 5, 10, 20 or 30 years into the future, we can determine precisely where your personal worth will land.

Income replacement at retirement, death, disability

There are only 2 sources of income, either you at work, or your money at work .  And for any reason that your earned income stops, you will have to have money at work to replace that income.  There are 3 things that will stop your earned income, one of them is sure to.

Tax efficiency strategies: tax relief, recapture,  and  mitigation

Too many people send their money to the government, as payment of taxes, when they don't need to.

Retirement income strategies – Blueprint for Retirement

Our clients know that what they receive in retirement income is more important than what they have saved in retirement assets.  We predict your retirement income future, and can help you with peace of mind.  We also understand that some choose to continue to work in their retirement.

Insurance products

(nursing home insurance, work interruption insurance, OHIP-Plus insurance, life insurance.)

As we age, we can expect the costs of healthcare to increase, and to pay more taxes, without proper planning.  At the same time, we know that we will become dependent on others for care, as we age for durations of time difficult to predict.  We offer security, estate conservation and can guarantee money will be available to provide for your care.

Keywords: Insurance, insurance products, wealth management