Windows Applications - Equipment Rental

By: Wdk Solutions  09-12-2011

This Equipment Rental system is a recording system for equipment rental where the rental store can be mobile or remote.  

Specifically designed to handle situations where the mobile rental unit goes on location, for a specific time period.  Recording of equipment on the mobile rental unit, that is being dispensed or returned, is completed with a few taps of the a handheld computer's screen.  The client can have lists of equipment used by day, or for the whole contract.

At the end of the contract, the information from the handheld is uploaded to a server, through a desktop application.  The information can then be imported into your accounting system.  New contracts are created through the desktop program, the information is then downloaded into the handheld computers.


  1. Multiple package types (grouping of equipment on a mobile unit or at a remote location)
  2. Straight forward recording of rentals and returns
  3. Indicates when quantity of a particular unit has been reached
  4. Item groupings can include both rental equipment and consumables (non-returnable items)
  5. Automatic equipment rollover to next rental day
  6. Comments and Damaged items recording
  7. Reports - Remote Location (cash register style)
    1. Daily usage reports
    2. Missing items report
    3. Consumables report
  8. Reports/Spreadsheets - created after upload of data from handheld
    1. Summary of contract
    2. Contract details
    3. Missing Items
    4. Damaged Items
    5. Consumables

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