Web Applications - Dynamic Content Sites

By: Wdk Solutions  09-12-2011

If the information in your web site will change frequently, then you need to consider going with a dynamic content web site. A typical site may include a backend database or a method to update content easily.

If you are considering any of the following, you are looking for a dynamic content web site:

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Windows Applications - Equipment Rental

Recording of equipment on the mobile rental unit, that is being dispensed or returned, is completed with a few taps of the a handheld computer's screen. This Equipment Rental system is a recording system for equipment rental where the rental store can be mobile or remote. At the end of the contract, the information from the handheld is uploaded to a server, through a desktop application.


Windows Applications - Equipment Booking

This desktop application allows the scheduler to book equipment by selecting dates on a calendar. Scheduling can be done either by selecting days on a calendar or by entering a date range. Inter-location equipment loans (show in your inventory, but in other locations color. The Equipment Booking system is a graphical scheduling package for equipment. Can be booked by maintenance user or administrator.


Windows Applications - Medical Recording

The information on the handheld provides the doctor with a history of the patient, doctor visits, and the medications and their doses. This system is designed to allow doctors to record pump readings during their patient rounds. Working with a few screens, the doctor selects the information to record from drop downs. Recording medication readings from pumps and injections using handheld computers.