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By: Versabanq Innovations  09-12-2011
Keywords: Flexibility, financial institutions

Versabanq software delivers unique value that helps improve your capital adequacy, risk management, and overhead costs.

Reduce administrative overhead:

  • Highly automated, efficient processes using state-of-the art technologies allow for very lean resource base;

  • Pacific and Western Bank of Canada employs both AMS and DMS, is a Schedule I Chartered Bank with $1.5 billion in assets and only 57 employees;

  • Existing efficiencies allow substantial growth with only marginal increases in human resources (e.g., could more than double your asset base with less than 10% increase in staff).

Reduce interfaces and reliance on multiple systems:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, workflow-based full lifecycle management for both loans and deposits;

  • e.g., AMS incorporates CRM and document management along with all reporting and audit requirements;

  • AMS and DMS both employ extremely efficient Versabanq middleware to maximize flexibility and facilitate integration.

Flexible, modular, and customizable:

Designed for maximum flexibility, AMS can be deployed as a fully-functional, stand-alone commercial lending application or by module (e.g., syndication or leasing modules):

  • Can also be system of record for Basel II compliance or integrate into a separate system;

  • "Big 5" banks in Canada spent in excess of $1 billion to achieve Basel II compliance; employing AMS to manage your loan portfolio makes it automatically compliant without any additional spend on internal or external resources, additional software or opportunity cost associated with internal resource diversion.

DMS is a custom built tool to automate the management of an incredibly innovative and efficient deposit gathering model:

  • E.g., Can manage $1-10 billion deposit intake with 4-8 people and no branch/facility overheads; can be scaled to accommodate far larger volume with only marginal increases in staff.

  • Highly customizable to meet individual financial institutions' organization, policies, processes, reporting and products.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: financial institutions, Flexibility

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