Ergonomic prop for Notebook/Netbook computers and ipads

By: Umbron  09-12-2011
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Wouldn't you like to have:

  • Correct posture - no stooping - of your torso when working with Notebook or Netbook computers or ipads?
  • No overheating problems when working with Notebook computers?
  • A wide platform on your lap to place a Netbook or ipad?
  • No heat reaching your lap when working with a Notebook computer on your lap?
  • A lap tray that is 1/8 inch thin and goes into the carrying bag with the computer?
  • A lap tray that is light - say, under 500 grams?
Here is the new thermodynamic tray - the Overlap tray - that has no fans, no foam, no heat pipes, no unrecyclable materials. Just as a notebook computer combines various functions, the Overlap combines the functions of all notebook stands in the market - and it is portable in the computer bag. It is also a must for ipad use on desk - the tray avoids your having to stoop!Overlap is a tray comprised of two high thermal conductivity plates, 13"x10". Each plate is only 1/16 inch thick. The rugged and beautiful notebook rest weighs about a pound.The simple patented design is easily visualized. Imagine a ring binder that is used to hold sheets of paper. Imagine such a binder made of light metal and without the rings so that the end view is a long thin triangle - a wedge. Further, imagine that one of the plates in this metal wedge can be detached and attached easily in one second. That, essentially, is the basic design of the Overlap lap tray. It is now possible to lay the detached flap FLAT on the other flap so that except for the spine the configuration is thin. Now you can place the closed notebook computer on the plates with the spine jutting from the bottom plate covering the back edge of the computer. This is the storage position when the computer is not in use or when you wish to carry the computer and the tray in a computer carrying bag. Since the tray is only 1/8" thick in this collapsed position, it adds only 1/8" to the thickness of the computer and goes into any bag that carries the computer.The working position takes just one second to obtain as follows:
From the storage position, move only the computer horizontally a distance of about 2" towards you. Lift the computer and the upper plate. Now the upper plate would be sticking out about 2" from the bottom rear of the computer - see figure. Place the edge over the vertical ledge of the bottom plate.                                 In the working position, heat from the computer is absorbed by the top black plate and the heat goes out by convection through the left, right, and rear, away from the user. Due to the large air gap between the upper plate and the lower plate, the desk top or the user's lap is not heated at all and the computer is cooled at the same time. Although designed primarily for the desk or the lap, Overlap is also ideal on the carpet or fabric or other surfaces. And it is perfect for travel! If you want to place your portable DVD player on your lap or bed or pillow, just put the Overlap under it! The name Overlap reminds one that in standard use - desk and lap - the device is over the user's lap.

US Patent No. 7,208,540
Other patents pending

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Keywords: desk, plate, Tray