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By: Tiremaster  09-12-2011
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Emergency Road Service

Tiremaster Limited's emergency road service is available through our “live” dispatch which is operational seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. Direct calling is available to all company locations, or the trucking end user has the choice of calling our toll free number which operates as a central dispatch system for all of our locations. Our company goal is to have an end user vehicle mobile one to one and a half hours from time of call during daytime hours, and mobile in two hours during night time hours.

Yard Routine Service

Tiremaster Limited service technicians and brokers perform the following responsibilities doing routine yard service at a customer location:

  • A fleet inspection for flats, worn and damaged tires.
  • Match tires by height and brand – the maximum height difference allowed per axle is 4/32.
  • Install replacement tires in pairs or complete sets.
  • Air check every unit being worked on and adjust air pressure to fleet standard.
  • Torque all wheels to Ontario Wheels Installers Standards with a certified calibrated torque wrench.
  • Prepare worn casings for shipment to retread facility.
  • Assist in tracking tire mileage per different test vehicle if asked to.
  • Complete a RSR (Road Service Report) on all units worked on. Information noted on this paperwork form include the following: purchase order, the date, time, location, unit number, products used, retorque status, the wheel position, flats, changeovers, rotations and air ups which were performed.

Tiremaster Service - Call 24x7, (877) 742-1100

Keywords: Road Service, Service Technicians, Tires