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By: Tardiscomm  09-12-2011
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S e r v i c e s 

Our services are directed to credit unions, theatre and event operations and retailers requiring interactive and secure transactions online.
Theatre/Event Systems
Ticket sales, subscriptions, event promotions and donations are made easier with attractive online ticket campaigns. The potential for additional revenue plus streamlining of the sales process provides a compelling reason to implement interactive ticket sales for theatre, sporting events and concerts. The trend in ticket sales online continues to grow at a rapid rate.
Credit Union Programs
We provide a carefully paced and comprehensive marketing service to support Credit Union initiatives, facilitating growth and awareness of the credit union's products and services. Programs are delivered incrementally over a period of 12 to 24 months. With appropriate marketing, credit unions see increased enrollment, greater participation of current members and enjoy economies of scale with larger memberships.

The primary goals are:
o To build awareness of Credit Union.
o Increase membership
o Promote and realize an online electronic presence
o Increase member activity by promoting products and services.
o Identify and promote new products and services.
o Provide members with a greater rate of return.
TardisComm will develop and extend marketing initiatives incrementally into the location or community while maintaining focus on the established base. The marketing program is comprised of specialty campaigns, each an economic and cost effective program with appropriate support literature. Campaigns are designed to build awareness and draw attention to the credit union and involve partnerships with community merchants. A portion of each campaign is devoted to the promotion of an electronic online presence. Partnerships generate additional revenue, offsetting marketing and production expenditures while offering members worthwhile information.To coordinate with the marketing strategy, an existing or new web site is created to serve the expanded initiatives. A simple, easy to use web site can become a "virtual branch" of the credit union offering instant communication across the region 24 hours a day, seven days a week.A credit union web site must be interactive for members with secure online applications for membership, loans, requests for information such as RRSP’s, and account information. A site must provide complete up to date information on services and staff and also provide communication resources.An online resource is a significant asset in the promotion of special events and programs. For example, when running a computer purchase program, all the necessary details on the package are online and promoted as such in the distributed literature. To aid in the significant reduction of staff workload, an online sales agreement is added that automatically alerts the vendor and the credit union to purchases.Members would have the ability to see the product and specifications online, fill in a purchase agreement, and take advantage of the loan application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of efficient and expeditious service supports members needs at home or work and allows a virtual branch to provide service to shift workers who are members.

Keywords: credit union, Marketing