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By: Singulink  09-12-2011


The Development team at Singulink is able to sustain a rapid development model because our focus is on never letting good ideas or code go to waste. Every piece of software we developed is built with re-use in mind. This means that as much as possible, projects have our proven technologies built into their very core. Building your custom solution on top of this code base means that clients will see results quickly, and give feedback early on so that the final product is exactly what they needed.

Quality Guaranteed

Our software utilizes a broad set of proven commercial quality technologies to deliver efficient solutions, on-budget and on-time. We have built our powerful proprietary libraries on a foundation of current and cutting edge Microsoft technologies. Also, as these technologies change and improve, we at Singulink evolve with them. As new technologies are released, we put them to work in product updates and any new development projects. Our clients will always have the best commercial grade technologies at their disposal.

Partner Technologies

We at Singulink have the goal of providing the services a modern business needs to function. To do this better, we partner with other technology companies for our mutual benefit. By doing this our clients gain the advantage of tailoring their enterprise software to their needs. Our partnership allows us to give clients the features that are not included out of the box from other distributors.

Our partnership with Laserfiche gives us access to a large installed base of users along with a rigorously proven and efficient software suite. Laserfiche owns and maintains one of the world’s best enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. Their software is used by federal and local governments, healthcare providers, the Justice System, and boards of education to name a few. We work with their clients to give them the features they need on-top of their Laserfiche Products.

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Custom dialogs, reports, and interface controls can be injected into the interface to add custom behaviours and functionalities that otherwise would not be possible. Singulink Fusion hooks into virtually any interface without modifying the host application to extract information, process data, and fill in fields automatically.