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Security Consulting

Security Through Safe Design Inc. is an independent, Canadian-based firm that provides highly specialized security consulting services throughout Canada.  Our team draws from a combined knowledge base spanning over 150 years and has conducted over 2000 security consulting engagements for private and public sector clients.

We have provided clients with consulting services in physical safety and security assessments, employee and workplace security assessments, risk and liability management, policy development and reviews, legislative compliance, traffic flow analysis, crowd control management and crime prevention strategies through the environmental design of existing facilities or new development projects.

Our organization is a private, independent firm with no affiliation with any other organization, their products or services. This ensures and guarantees our clients that we will provide them with unbiased and objective advice, recommendations and solutions.

Physical Security Assessments

A physical security audit is a review of existing security strategies and their effectiveness in the protection of assets.  Physical security assessments include site assessments, high level review of existing policies and procedures, evaluation of existing physical security devices, employee/employer interviews, assessment of compliance to government legislation such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), applicable Working Alone in the Workplace legislation and Occupational Health and Safety requirements. 

Physical security assessments can be customized to focus on specific security concerns or can be broader in scope to encompass all aspects of protection and security of people, property, assets, data and confidential information within all areas of an organization.  

Recommendations are then provided to deter crime, reduce risk resulting in enhanced business performance and a safer environment.

Threat and Risk (Vulnerabilities) Assessments – “TRA”

Threat risk and vulnerability assessments take the physical security audit to the next level.  A TRA researches the specific threat(s) to the environment.  A TRA is a comprehensive review of a building or facility that is comprised of four key components. 

1.  Identification of All Assets
The assets of an organization include: employees, physical buildings and premises, property, corporate assets, intellectual property, confidential data as well as production distribution lines

2.  Identification of Potential Threats
The next goal is to identify actual and perceived threats that may pose a risk to those identified assets.

Define the threat by answering:
Who:    identify adversaries (individuals or groups)
What:   depicting the threat occurrence
Where: delineating the physical area where occurrence is expected to materialize
Why:     whether accidental or deliberate / capability of the perpetrators
How:    establishing the circumstances and method likely to be used by perpetrator

3.  Assessment of Vulnerability/Risk
Threats are then evaluated to determine the likelihood of occurrence, type of compromise they pose and the seriousness of the impact (level of injury) on the organization, should they occur.

Level of Threat: Low / Medium / High
Type of Compromise: Availability / Modification / Disclosure
Level of Injury: Serious / Very Serious / Exceptionally Grave

4.  Mitigation Strategies Recommendations
The goal is to recommend strategies that will mitigate the identified threat and reduce it to an acceptable level (low).  It is NOT possible to eliminate all threats and the associated risks.

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