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By: Ross Services  09-12-2011
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Ross Towing and Transportation has more than 50 years of experience in the towing, transportation, recovery and storage of vehicles and equipment.  We have over 25 trucks dedicated to the industry that are well maintained by the 2 licensed mechanics on staff.  As one of the largest and most respected towing companies in Southwestern Ontario our customers have come to rely on consistent high level of service they receive from Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc.
Ross Towing has been entrusted by both the public and private sectors to ensure safe towing, recovery and secure storage of their vehicles.  We have several productive working relationships with different branches of the Government and the Ministry of Transportation.  We work closely with the local and area law enforcement services and they regularly choose Ross Towing to help manage severe accident scenes.  They have also found our secured facility to be an excellent resource for them to utilize for securing vehicles and equipment.
Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc. has a wide range of equipment and services to suit the towing and recovery needs of our customers.  We are a TOTAL SERVICE COMPANY.

  • Light/Medium Duty Towing
  • Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery
  • Air Cushions
  • Storage Units/Roll-off Bins/Dock Facilities
  • Spills Units
  • Floats/Roll-offs/Tilt and Loads

Light and Medium Duty Towing

Ross Towing offers a full range of light and medium duty trucks that move everything from motorcycles to Cube vans.  All of our light and medium duty wreckers come fully equipped with wheel lifts, winches, dollies and booms.  In addition to regular towing they provide a variety of services for our customers including boosts, unlocks, and pulling out stuck vehicles.  We have a special motorcycle tow behind trailer for moving specialty motorcycles.  Our underground truck has top lights that fold down to allow for entrance to most low underground parking structures.

Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery – Our Specialty

Our Three Newest Additions to our Fleet of 8 Heavy Trucks

Five other heavy wreckers complete our fleet of 8 Heavy Duty Wreckers including a 60 Ton Rotator.  Having 8 Heavy Wreckers gives our customers the advantage of less waiting and less downtime when they need a tow or a “Switch”.  (Tractor “Switches” - where we tow a good unit to our customer and tow the downed unit to a repair facility.)  Ross Towing is a Heavy Duty Towing Specialist and handles all types of recovery situations from loaded tractor trailers stuck in ditches to loaded trailer lifts to rolled-over propane tankers.  Every recovery provides its own unique set of challenges and circumstances from roll-overs to burnt tractor trailers each recovery we are experienced and have the right equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.  Our Heavy Duty recovery operators have special training in a variety of areas including LPG Emergency Response, Transportation of Dangerous Goods,  and Fuel Tanker Roll-over training to name a few.

Air Cushions

Ross Towing has always been on the cutting edge of equipment.  We were one of the first companies in Ontario to provide Air Cushion recovery.  Air cushions can be used to upright a loaded tractor and trailer saving time and money by preventing you from having to empty the trailer prior to recovery.  Air cushions can also be used to help shift a load back into place after it has shifted in transit.

Roll-over with Cargo or Environmental Spills

Ross Towing is fully prepared and well experienced in cases where the scene of the accident includes a cargo or fuel spill.  Our 30 and 40-yard Roll-off bins easily transported to the site of an environmental or cargo spill and are an effective ways to ground load.  They are ideal for transporting damaged cargo or contaminated soil and return to them to secure storage.  In accordance with the Ministry of Environment, we are able to collect; handle and transport waste from the scene of a recovery to an authorized disposal centre or back to our compound for secure storage.  Having our own in-house equipment to do the job means less time searching for proper equipment.

US & Quebec Authority

Our heavy trucks are licensed by the US Department of Transportation and have PRP plates that allow them to travel into the United States and Quebec.  This is a tremendous benefit to our commercial customers, if they break down in the US we can take a good unit down to them and “Switch” it out for the unit that needs repairs or has been involved in an accident.  This allows our customer to continue on with their delivery with minimal downtime.  We have 4 Heavy wreckers that are plated for the US, so having a truck available to go is never a problem.

Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc. - 60 Ton Rotator

Ross Towing was one of the first in the region to have a 60 Ton Rotator.  The ultimate in recovery trucks the Rotator has a 360 degree continuous boom rotation and is equipped with a hydraulic stabilization system that allows for secure anchoring.  Extended reach capability dispatched to perform under the most extreme recovery conditions.  The Rotator allows us to perform roadside recoveries with minimal disruption to traffic by operating the boom at 90 degrees.  The Rotator has the ability to rotate the boom forward for trucks that have front overhangs such as fire engines, bucket trucks, or cranes.
Our 60-ton rotating crane complements our floats and heavy flatbeds and is an ideal way to load and unload heavy equipment and machinery.  Also ideal for shifting loads of steel and shifting loaded sea containers from one chassis to another.

Tilt and Load

Our three tilt and load trucks have a variety of towing applications.  Most commonly used for moving AWD and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles these trucks are extremely useful is removing vehicles from the scenes of bad accidents.  All our tilt and load vehicles are 2 car carriers allowing us to move 2 vehicles at the same time.  We also utilize them in moving classic or exotic cars and have a specialized motorcycle rack for safe and damage free moving of motorcycles.

Not only do we have the right equipment to do the job, Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc. also the properly trained personnel that are just as important to ensure safe and damage free recovery.

Keywords: Air Cushions, Heavy Duty Towing, transportation, Vehicles

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