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By: Ricepoint  09-12-2011
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Professional Services

NPT RicePoint’s Professional Services has built a reputation for delivering strategic guidance that helps counsel solve its most complex problems. Designing notice plans, acting as a notice expert, locating missing class members, drafting administration plans are all examples of where we enable our clients to produce better decisions.


Notification is designed according to unique characteristics and needs of each case. Together with counsel, we design a plan to maximize the return on investment for the demographic profile of the class members. Whether it is direct or indirect notice, we have the experts in web design, social media and/or traditional print to design and execute a plan professionally and efficiently.

Claims Processing

We are experts in process engineering. Our goal is to efficiently receive complete and accurate claims from class members and then to accurately validate those claims. Our success in achieving these objectives is directly correlated to the design and execution of the notification plan. If claimants are clear on what is required to file a claim, and they perceive the process and time investment to be proportional to the potential benefit, there is a higher likelihood a claim will be made.

Quality is ensured using a variety of methods:

  • Bar coding claims with a unique identifier
  • Batching claims
  • Peer to peer sign-off on data manipulation
  • Third party auditing of allocation calculations
  • Performance objectives, and a reporting schedule, ensure expectations of class counsel and the court are met throughout the administration.

Data Management

NPT RicePoint has the technology and team in place to accurately, securely and efficiently manipulate large data files to ensure:

  • Undeliverable addresses are identified and corrected
  • Canada Post address changes are matched and updated
  • Duplicate addresses are removed to reduce postage costs


Custom reporting is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each class action.

Web Design

Bilingual case specific websites are designed for easy access to claim forms, notice, frequently asked questions and on-line filing.

Call Center

NPT RicePoint has bilingual capabilities to assist claimants on general case information or with questions specific to their claim.

Disbursements of Funds

Direct settlement assets to approved claimants accurately and efficiently. Our processes include fraudulent claim reviews and third party auditing of our allocation methodology.

Escrow Agent/Tax Services

NPT RicePoint has been appointed as the Escrow Agent on over fifteen Qualified Settlement Funds valued at over $50 million dollars. Our team provides recommendations on investment selection, handles monthly bookkeeping, disburses funds as required/approved, completes all tax requirements and provides full reporting.

Search Services

Settlements often involve legacy data files. We have the tools and partnerships in place to locate missing class members quickly and affordably so they can participate in settlement benefits.

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Keywords: Call Center