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By: Phoenix Interactive  09-12-2011
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Imagine an ATM that welcomes your customers, by name. Displays their language preferences and favorite transactions, without asking. Communicates through a personalized interface. Delivers 1:1 targeted marketing. Is this the future of the ATM? No, it's proven functionality, available today, from Phoenix.

Expand the breadth of your channel services with Commander™ 1:1 and Personalization Managers. Easily integrated into your enterprise systems, Commander™ gathers customer information, enables market segmentation and delivers a 1:1 personal experience.

Generate Qualified Leads and Close Sales

Self-service transactions are interactions with qualified prospects. Why not leverage that contact to generate leads and close sales? Realize higher take up rates for products and services like credit cards, loans and savings plans.

Attract New Customers, New Revenue

Attract new market segments with demographically-targeted features, functions and services. Generate new revenue by enabling customers to open a new account or take advantage of attractive offers with the push of a button. Expand market and wallet share.

Know Your Customers, Segment Your Market

Commander™ enables you to collect a wealth of customer intelligence that you can then use to segment markets and deliver personalized experiences. Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Increase Effectiveness, Decrease Costs

ATM interactions are a cost effective way to promote products and services offered by your institution or your retail partners. 30% response rates and a cost per impression that's measured in cents, not dollars - that's direct customer contact made possible by Commander™.

Differentiate Your Brand

With Commander™ you can differentiate your business on every terminal display screen. Cross-sell products at one terminal while raising funds for social causes at another.

Control Your Own Campaign

Commander™ gives you centralized control over self service marketing, start and stop dates, cost-effective content creation, lead generation and speed-to-market efficiency. Let the marketing team control their own self-service channel marketing campaigns with Commander™.

Keywords: ATM

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