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By: Pfw  09-12-2011

Managing Your Dealership

By combining our two companies, PFW and ADP can now offer the largest and most comprehensive selection of products and services to equipment dealers worldwide. These cost-effective, leading-edge solutions have been developed by ADP to help grow your dealership business. Some of these solutions include: IP Telephony, Virtual Private Networking, Internet usage monitoring, network security, content filtering, virus protection, wireless network solutions, advanced telephone statistics, and much more.

What is it? An easy-to-use, complete phone system that integrates with PFW IntelliDealer. Designed for large dealerships.

What is it?An easy-to-use, complete phone system that integrates with PFW IntelliDealer. Hosted by IPNS’ secure Data Center.

*Not available in Canada **IPNS is a subsidiary of ADP

What is it? An alternative to the phone company, Call Connect provides dealers with a high-capacity T1 line for phone, data, and Internet connectivity.

How does it help dealers? Reduce phone company costs with IPNS Call Connect. You’ll get a fixed fee for virtually unlimited local and long distances using your existing phone system. You can also eliminate extra, separate circuits for data and Internet, all back by IPNS’ support team.

* Not available in Canada ** IPNS is a subsidiary of ADP

What is it? Detailed call reports that let dealers understand who’s calling the dealership, how many times the phone rang before it was answered, how the calls were handled, and more.

How does it help dealers? Now you can measure and control every call into and out of your dealership with ADP’s Call Intelligence. You’ll get detailed call reports broken down by employee and department, so you can see who’s getting the most calls and how your calls are being handled.

GetWiredSM Internet Manager

What is it? A program that controls which websites employees can visit and manages overall Internet use.

How does it help dealers? Protect your dealership from hackers, viruses, and other Internet threats with ADP’s GetWired Internet Manager. You can limit Internet access to business-only websites and minimize unnecessary Internet use to save bandwidth and improve employee productivity.

What is it? A dealership network security solution that provides content filtering, virus protection, and more.

How does it help dealers? Get a complete network security solution with Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance. Unlike traditional firewalls, the UTM Appliance combines threat protection (e.g. viruses and malware) with productivity tools that limit or restrict access to certain Internet sites like social networking sites, music download sites, and so on.

How does it help dealers? Improve customer communication with a complete e-mail solution from ADP. There’s no need to invest in an expensive, onsite e-mail server, and with DealerMail you’ll get a complete, reliable solution backed by ADP’s secure Data Center.

What is it? Dealership network solutions, with options from a complete LAN to assisted direction.

How does it help dealers? Connect your dealership workstations to each other, the Internet and the DMS. Business Grade, Professional Grade, and Enterprise Grade options allow you to size the network to your dealership needs. Obtain as much or as little support as you need from experience engineers that know how dealerships operate.


What is it? Always-on, secure Internet access provided by ADP.

How does it help dealers? With ADP’s GetWired, you can eliminate dealing with multiple third-party technology vendors and get the always-on, secure Internet access you need, all from ADP and backed by our support team.

GetWiredSM Remote Access

What is it? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) that lets telecommuters, vendors, and consultants connect securely with the dealership network.

How does it help dealers? With ADP’s GetWired Remote Access, you can improve productivity and reduce costs by providing employees, vendors, and consultants with secure, reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to your DMS, and other solutions anywhere you have an Internet connection.

What is it? A wireless network solution that lets employees work from anywhere in the dealership without a wired Internet connection.

How does it help dealers? With ADP’s Wireless LAN, you get the freedom to move around your dealership while staying in touch with Sales and Service applications – and without a wired Internet connection. Boost productivity and reduce the costs of Internet cabling with a wireless network designed and supported by ADP.

What is it? An Internet “hot spot” solution designed for a dealership Service Lounge.

How does it help dealers? Improve customer satisfaction with an Internet “hot spot” right in your dealership. With ADP’s Customer Internet Center you can let your customers access the Internet from a secure wireless connection you provide and control. Brand your Customer Internet Center with your dealership’s logo, promotions, and more.

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