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By: Pfw  09-12-2011

Managing Your Dealership

ADP’s Hiring Services combines some of the most useful employer-based tools into one powerful package to help you screen, select, and comply with ease and confidence.

With each new hire there are so many pieces of information to manage, so many details to check, and so many regulations to comply with. The demands required to keep on top of it all can be overwhelming.

ADP’s Hiring Services makes people selection easier for you by providing a comprehensive,
convenient online solution for:

  • Ordering and managing candidate background screens
  • Conducting thorough reference and criminal background checks
  • Helping you comply with current laws and regulations
  • Delivering HR guidance and information when you need it

With ADP’s Hiring Services, you can set up a complete hiring system and choose additional, specific pre-employment screening services or criminal background checks when the need arises.

Screen | Know the whole story behind every applicant

A common HR concern is unknowingly hiring a candidate with a checkered past, because it can jeopardize the safety of your workplace and expose your organization to unwanted liabilities.

ADP’s Hiring Services can help you replace question marks and guesswork with reliable background data and well-reasoned, confident decisions. ADP’s Hiring Services grants you access to a premier instant background check package. This pre-employment check includes:

First Check SSN Validation An instant search against 70 million Social Security Administration records to verify if a Social Security Number is authentic, as well as the year and state in which the number was issued.

Order Builder With Order Builder technology, you can confirm a candidate’s current address, as well as identify former addresses.

CrimLink® The CrimLink® screening process will run candidates against a proprietary database which contains information of 350 million multi-jurisdictional court records.*

Substance Abuse Scheduling Quickly and easily initiate substance abuse screening, with built-in integration to scheduling partner Pembrooke. Substance abuse tests can be scheduled according to your preferred zip code. Fast turnaround times and secure reliable results reporting are two of the many advantages.

Driving Records Check Meet insurance company requirements and mitigate a significant risk to the dealership. Driving record screens provide insight into a candidate’s history with accidents, traffic violations, suspensions, drug or alcohol-related convictions, as well as current license status and expiration. Know who you’re hiring before you hire!

Key Statistics

The 2009 Screening Index, based on nearly 5.5 million individual background checks completed by ADP in the 2008 calendar year, found that:

  • 9% of background checks performed by ADP contained an adverse record
    (concerning criminal history, credit and driving records, etc.)
  • 46% of employment, education, and/or reference checks performed revealed a difference in information between what the applicant provided and what the source reported
  • 41% of credit records screened showed a judgment, lien or bankruptcy, or referral
    to a collection agency
  • 7% had a previous workers’ compensation claim
  • 37% of driving record checks showed “one or more violations or convictions”
  • Approximately 6% of more than 1.7 million criminal background checks revealed
    a criminal record within the last seven years

Select | Simplify candidate selection and reduce screening costs

High-quality background checks are essential, but solutions that actually help you reduce expenses, comply with regulations, and select the right candidates are ADP’s specialty. We go beyond quality background checks with our smart ordering and smart hiring technologies.

Smart Ordering Technology We understand you look to your screening provider to deliver the best value for the best price. ADP reduces your screening costs with our state-of-the-art technology that enables you to cancel background checks you won’t need.

  • Cascade Ordering Runs low-cost, instant screenings first, then pauses so you can review the results. Based on these initial results, you can determine if the system should proceed with additional screenings.

Smart Hiring Technology ADP’s Smart Hiring Technology enables you to evaluate applicants’ consistency and objectivity, receive intuitive background screening results, expedite your entire hiring process and hire the best candidates. ADP’s Policy Manager, Decision Matrix* and Results Scoring work together to make background screening results work for you, telling you how an applicant’s background specifically relates to your organization.

  • Decision Matrix*/Results Scoring Compares background screen data to your pre-programmed policies and provides an assessment of whether candidates meet your hiring criteria.
  • Hiring Policy Policies form the foundation of fair and compliant hiring practices. To help get your background screening program off to the right start, you can choose ADP’s best-practice default hiring policy or, for an additional fee, you can have ADP configure our ordering system with your organization’s hiring policies.

Gather Candidate Information With CandidateLink, ADP helps you streamline your entire talent acquisition workflow. Candidates enter their information online, using the website link you define. Fully integrated with our screening services, ADP helps your staff identify and assess the right candidates for your dealership.

  • Job Fit Assessment Match candidates to the right positions through our job fit personality assessment. Our Job Fit Assessment will compare applicants against our comprehensive position profile benchmarks or create your own benchmarks from your current employees.
  • Cognitive Testing Cognitive testing is a timed test designed to measure an applicant’s fluid intelligence/reasoning, speed reasoning, and quantitative reasoning/knowledge. The cognitive test can be administered along with the Job Fit Assessment for positions which justify cognitive measurement.
  • Compare and Assess Applicants Quickly and easily compare and identify applicants as a good, manageable, or questionable fit against the position applied for, or against any open position, with the click of a mouse.
Key Statistics

In a review of background checks across eight industries (manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, construction, retail, auto dealers, business services, and transportation):

  • Construction and Retail had the highest percentage of records that reflected a criminal record in the last seven years (9%), while the Healthcare industry was the lowest at 4%, and Business Services and Transportation records showed 5%.

Comply | Relax with HR guidance and information at your fingertips

If you feel pressure to stay informed about constantly changing employment laws and regulations, you aren’t alone. Professionals like you are busy enough without having to worry about where to find HR consulting or advice. Compliance Tools from ADP can deliver all the expert HR information you need from one online source.

HR compliance tools include:

Online Resource Library ADP’s Online Resource Library delivers reliable, up-to-date information and materials to help keep your HR and employment processes fully compliant. And, it gathers all this data in one place so you can easily browse for the information you need.

Adverse Action When you decide not to hire applicants based in whole or in part on background screening results, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires you to notify applicants, so they have the chance to correct any inaccuracies. As you may know, this process can be difficult and time-consuming. In addition, if Adverse Action isn’t conducted properly, it could leave your organization open to litigation. Take the hassle and worry out of this process by turning over your applicant correspondence responsibilities to our compliance specialists.

Premium Subscription Access to Access to in-depth state, federal, and international employment and labor law monitoring and analysis from Littler Mendelson to give you the latest breaking news and recommended courses of action.

Start making better decisions with ADP’s
HR resources and hiring tools
ADP is committed to providing you with the hiring tools you need to simplify and streamline the selection process. To put you on the path toward better decisions, we provide the following free hiring tools for your use with the Hiring Services solution:

  • Annual Screening Index Every year since 1997, employers have looked to the annual ADP Screening Index for an accurate snapshot of background screening results and hiring statistics. The information presented is based on computerized calculations of background checks completed by ADP in the 2009 calendar year. See what screening trends are affecting your industry and discover first-hand the value of background screening.
  • Bad Hire Calculator Determine what a bad hiring decision can cost your organization.
  • White Papers
  • Compliance Alert e-Newsletter Read the latest alerts that affect your company.

The free HR resources and hiring tools offered here are only a small sample of the kind of in-depth information and expert guidance you can expect as an ADP Hiring Services client.

* This content provides practical information concerning the subject matter covered and is provided with the understanding that ADP is not rendering legal advice or other professional services. ADP does not provide legal advice as part of its offerings that include access to this informational material. While every effort is made to provide current information, the law changes regularly and laws governing your workplace may vary depending on the state or municipality. This material is made available for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal advice or your professional judgment. You should review applicable law in your jurisdiction and consult experienced counsel for legal advice when determining a course of action or when preparing a form, policy, handbook, agreement or other document for use in your business.

For More Information

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