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By: Net Advantage  09-12-2011
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The Internet. It isn't what is once was.
Consider the following statement:
"The single most important technological advancement in web development is broadband."

We believe that the central focus of developing web assets is usability. To that end, we endeavour to ensure those assets to be fully functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. As well, we understand that quite often the most difficult part is the crafting of the message. We expect that and have on staff an articulate and efficient bibliophile.

We do not outsource any aspect of the creative process. What this means to you, the customer, is every step of the way, we understand not only what you need, but have the expertise to manifest that understanding.

You will notice that there is an absence of pricing with respect to web development. This is not by accident. Simply put, this is because we are not a cookie cutter web development company. All projects are one-off, which is to say unique.

Interactive applications and Web-based tools can enhance your target audience's experience and offer huge benefits to your business. They can help you streamline your customer relationships, aid employee productivity, enhance business processes, and gather valuable marketing data, just to name a few.


Content Management Systems
E-Commerce Systems
Membership Management
Portal Software
Web Applications
Message Boards

In addition to the above mentioned applications we create custom applications to suit your specific needs. Give us your wish list and your goal for the app and we will bring it to life.

"Branding conveys arguably the single most important first impression of your business in your absence.
It is also the single least important first impression of your business in your presence."

I bought a new pair of
I blew my nose with a
I have an

The above examples, although somewhat obvious, are all synonymous of their respective products, but are merely brands.

What is the point you may ask.

The point is that these particular companies do NOT necessarily need a strong logo as part of their brand. They do however, have an instantly recognizable brand. For the rest of us, a strong, concise and well communicated brand/logo is an integral part of "putting out your shingle."

We can assist you in developing a brand, a look unique to you, one that says "This is me and this is what I do."

Do you require a training solution that is hands on and interactive? Do you wish to have training sessions geared to specific tasks and routines? Do you have a need for cross discipline training that is of a general scope and focus?

These are some of the questions that our clients have requested of us. The methodology we employ in our training sessions is to steer away from following a script. We have found that the best way to ensure success is maximizing the retention factor. Whether the training sessions are in a group environment or on an individual level, each and every person is moved progressively along at a pace that is comfortable for them.

We also offer basic training for a broad range of products such as Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX and various Linux distributions. If you are looking for training services that are enjoyable, productive and results oriented, we would be happy to speak with you about your specific needs.

We can accomodate unique situations such as file servers, redundant backups, streaming servers and proxies which supports RTSP/RTP.

As well, we can manage SSL Certificates (single or group), that enable your business to sell products online.

We can tailor a hosting package that is suitable for you and the specific needs of your online presence.

Keywords: Content Management, Web Development

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