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By: Mj Ervin  09-12-2011

The world of petroleum refining and marketing is not as static as many outsiders believe. Competitive threats, regulatory changes, shifting demand patterns—these are but a few of the factors that necessitate ongoing strategic analysis and planning.

MJ Ervin can augment your existing strategic planning process by adding an outside, knowledgeable and experienced perspective to your SWOT analysis, aided by a wealth of data and other analytical resources familiar to us. We offer a fresh perspective, augmented by extensive analytical resources and comprehensive knowledge of petroleum operations and markets.

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Petroleum Markets & Price Analysis

An understanding of petroleum markets, and access to historical price and other market-related data is essential to a variety of organizations involved in the buying or selling of petroleum, as well as various levels of government having responsibility for the monitoring or regulating of petroleum markets.


Industry Research & Consulting - MJ Ervin & Associates

The marketing of petroleum products faces unprecedented challenges at global and regional levels, as a result of shifts in demand, the emergence of high volume non-traditional players, regulatory interventions, a commodity mindset by consumers, razor-thin retail margins, volatile refiner margins, and a highly competitive playing field.


Regulatory Analysis & Consulting - MJ Ervin & Associates

MJ Ervin's comprehensive knowledge of the industry and market dynamics and our access to extensive research data enables us to provide impartial, objective analysis and recommendations. Working towards effective policy development and implementation, MJ Ervin & Associates has a well-earned reputation as an impartial, unbiased expert in the petroleum downstream sector.


Performance Benchmarking - MJ Ervin & Associates

In addition to our ongoing "Essential Indicators" benchmarking analysis, we have provided benchmarking analyses tailored to answer specific operational questions. Our Canadian benchmarking clients include Imperial Oil, Suncor Energy/Petro-Canada, Shell, Chevron, Husky Energy, Irving Oil, and Canadian Tire Petroleum.