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Michelvincent Hair Studio carries American Crew shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, pomades and clays. American Crew is a line designed for men who want to look their very best. American Crew shampoos gently clean the hair and scalp and don't strip the natural oils from your hair.  They soothe, replenish and leave scalps feeling healthy and refreshed. American Crew conditioners provide and invigorating hair and scalp treatment.  They give hair a soft feeling and add manageability without weighing the hair down.  Your scalp is left with a fresh and healthy feel.

American Crew gels include light and firm holds.  They create body and shine and do not contain alcohol.  The gels will help your hair look thicker with added shine and the light and medium hold gels will maintain hold with flexibility. Other American Crew products, such as Fiber, thicken and increase the fullness of hair.  The Molding Clay styling aid lets you manipulate your hair into any style.  The Pomade styling product is excellent for taming curly or straight hair. Michelvincent Hair Studio carries I.C.O.N. shampoos (such as One Soul and Drench), conditioners (such as Free and Energize), treatments (such as Antidote and Proshield) and styling airs (such as Done and Mane Control). All I.C.O.N. products use pure ingredients and are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They use only recyclable packaging and they are only tested on humans. I.C.O.N. shampoos tingle, encourage and stimulate scalp circulation.  The Energy shampoo is ideal for all hair types and is colour safe.  One Soul shampoo contains antioxidants to keep hair healthy and vibrant and balances your hair's pH.  Drench shampoo repairs and strengthens chemically-treated hair. I.C.O.N. conditioners detangle hair, add shine and create a better surface.  The Free conditioner is a blend of seed oils and aloe juices that leaves your hair with a silky texture.  The Sultry conditioner can be sprayed into hair for leave-in protection that adds texture while infusing hydration. I.C.O.N. treatments increase the strength of your hair and prepare it for styling.  The Antidote treatment, which contains soy, silk and wheat protiens, wrap around each individual strand of hair and helps to moisturize, smooth and strengthen.  The Inner treatment helps to reconstruct your hair's inner core and hydrates as it repairs chemical and environmental damage. I.C.O.N. styling aids include pomades, styling gels and body-expanding products.  The Mane Control gel contains vitamins A, C and E and can be combed through damp hair to define and mold solid forms.  The Protien liquid styling gel defines curls, adds a wet look with a shiny finish and infuses fine hair with volume and movement. Schwarzkopf - Bonacure (BC) Michelvincent Hair Studio carries BC shampoos, conditioners and treatments. BC is a professional hair care line that provides solutions to client hair problems and leaves your hair healthy and full of vitality.  All BC products have Amino-Technology and ApHinity Technology for in-depth hair regeneration. BC shampoos restructures damaged hair and balance moisture levels.  The Repair shampoo leaves behind healthy, strong and shiny hair.  The Colour Save shampoo helps your colour last longer and has UV filters to prevent colour fading.  The Smooth Control shampoo prevents static and flyaway hair and is ideal for frizzy, unmanageable or difficult to straighten hair.   BC conditioners seals and protects your hair. The Repair conditioner restructures damaged hair from within and leaves behind healthy, strong and shiny hair.  The Colour Save conditioners protects and maintains coloured hair and prevents colour fading.   The Smooth Control conditioner prevents static and flyaway hair and leaves your hair feeling rehydrated and shiny. BC treatments help repair and protect your hair.  The Total Repair treatment intensively reconstructs damaged hair.  The Colour Save treatment regenerates coloured and damaged hair and leaves behind healthy, strong hair that is soft and protected against fading.  The Moisture treatment regenerates dry and coarse hair and leaves behind hair with improved suppleness and strength. Schwarzkopf - OSiS+ Michelvincent Hair Studio carries OSiS+ styling products, including styling and volume sprays, serums, moulding creams, gels and hairsprays. OSiS+ style aids, such as Volume Cream and Super Hold Mouse, create instant lighweight volume, conditioning, body, long-lasting hold and style control.OSiS+ form aids, such as Flattening Liquid or Flattening Iron Serum, moisturize hair, smoothes and reduces frizz, protect against humidity and leave your hair feeling silky soft and shiny.OSiS+ fix aids, such as Flexible Hold Hairspray or Extreme Hold Hairspray, provides light, natural hold or long lasting hold, depending on the type of hairspray.  UV filters will protect your hair from the sun and your hair won't feel sticky. OSiS+ strong control aids, such as Twin Curl and Marsh Mellow molding paste, tames frizzy hair, defines your curls, provides strong texture control and separation and leaves a glossy shine.

Michelvincent Hair Studio carries several NIOXIN hair and scalp systems.  NIOXIN products are designed to help improve the appearance of thinning hair.  Each system consists of a Cleanser, Scalp Therapy and Scalp Treatment. NIOXIN Cleansers gently removes residue and DHT from the hair and scalp.  They provide nourishing vitamins, proteins and amino acids NIOXIN Scalp Therapy are deep conditioners that that moisturizes your hair, safeguards your scalp from drying chemicals and promotes a healthy scalp environment with soothing essential oils, special anti-oxidants and enzymatic complexe. NIOXINScalp Treatmentis a daily leave-in treatment that delivers e ssential botanicals, nutrients, antioxidants and cytokines (proteins) to your hair and scalp.  The treatment helps safeguard against environmental residue and DHT buildup on the scalp. Other ProductsMichelvincent Hair Studio also carries blowdryers, curling irons, flat irons, brushes, combs and nail polish. CHIceramic flat irons contain negative ions, which adds moisture balance and shine to your hair and also reduces frizzyness & static electricity.  CHI blowdryers are lightweight.  They contain negative ions, which allows for faster drying time and reduces frizz and static electricity. Avanti blowdryers are well-balanced with ergonomic handles.  They are high efficiency, long-life and ultra quiet blowdryers that last hundreds of hours longer than a standard dryer. Rusk curling irons create smooth, defined and sexy curls.  They help eliminate frizziness and leave your hair full of volume and body.  Rusk flat irons straighten hair, bend the ends and create texture.  They create silky, smooth and shiny hair while eliminating static electricity or frizziness. We carry many types of hairbrushes, including all sizes of round brushes and paddle brushes.  Round brushes are ideal for use when blowdrying hair.  The metal core in the brushes heat up and help dry your hair from the inside out.  Paddle brushes (which are flat and wide) are best used for brushing out long hair and for creating smooth, straight styles. Tail combs are used for sectioning hair, teezing and creating volume.  They are also ideal for backcoming and creating updos.  Tail combs can also be used to create zig-zag or directional parts in your hair. We also carry OPI nail polish in a variety of colours and OPI hand cream in a variety of scents.

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