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By: Melissa Page Nichols  09-12-2011
Keywords: Counselling

It is very important to me that my clients feel respected as mutual partners in the counselling process.  I aim to be intentional and genuine in everything I do.

I come from a perspective of valuing each individual's wisdom and intuition about themselves and their situation, knowing that the experience, skills and objective perspective that I offer can be of great value in times of distress or confusion.  

I also honour any client's request to incorporate spirituality or faith into their counselling journey. 

My approach to counselling chiefly falls under two interrelated methodologies.  

First, I explore the benefits of viewing human experience as narrative, which involves making meaning from one's experiences, honouring the stories of individuals without imposing my own values or conclusions, and supporting the discovery of preferred ways of being in relationship with oneself and others.

Secondly, I emphasize a feminist perspective that is based on the belief of shared power, validation of each person's experience without comparison, the naming of social injustices and imbalances, and understanding people's ways of coping as resilient and adaptive rather than 'disordered'.     

When appropriate, I employ creative and/or artistic avenues when working with clients to augment 'talk therapy'.  I aim to co-create with each client a way of working together that will be a best fit based on individual needs and preferences. 

Keywords: Counselling