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By: London Veterinary Surgery and Rehabilitation Professional  09-12-2011
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At the Surgical Referral Service we work with primary care veterinarians to provide specialty diagnostic and surgical care to small animals, particularly to dogs and cats. We have experience in the complete spectrum of orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurosurgical procedures.   Some of the equipment routinely used in our practice includes:

  • anaesthesia delivery and monitoring systems (including blood pressure, oxygen, CO2, ECG monitoring and positive pressure ventilation)

  • post - operative care equipment including IV fluid pumps and incubators for rewarming and oxygen delivery

  • orthopedic equipment for all types of fracture repairs and procedures

  • endoscopic equipment for gastrointestinal procedures

  • arthroscopic equipment for joint procedures

  • fluoroscopic C-arm 

At the Surgical Referral Service we focus on three primary areas of surgery for small animals: orthopedic, soft tissue and neurosurgery.
  • Cruciate ligament surgeries including TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy)
  • Patella luxation repair
  • Perform various methods of fracture repair including bone plating, interlocking nail fixation, and external fixation
  • TPO (Triple Pelvic Osteotomy) for hip dysplasia
  • Arthroscopic surgery for OCD and other joint conditions
  • All types of joint reconstructions and arthrodesis
  • Diagnostic work-ups for various lameness problems in dogs and cats

 Soft tissue
  • Ear ablation
  • Laryngeal paralysis surgery
  • Portosystemic shunt correction
  • Tumour resections
  • Feline colectomy
  • Various abdominal procedures
  • Some thoracic procedures
  • Some surgical endoscopy
  • Decompressive spinal surgery (intervertebral disc disease)

  • Lumbosacral syndrome

  • Spinal fracture repair 


For more information on select surgical procedures, please visit the

*Currently we do not perform total hip replacements, most emergency spinal procedures (acute paralysis), as well as some advanced soft tissue and oncology cases that require care from multiple disciplines including critical care specialists, internal medicine specialists, etc.

Collaborative partnerships
We collaborate with a number of other veterinary services to provide a full range of complementary care.

  • The Veterinary Emergency Clinic, which is located within the same facility, is open after hours at night and on weekends; their team of veterinary professionals allows us to provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the end of each day, our team performs rounds with the Clinic team to orient them to the current cases. Their team then assists in the care of patients who are recovering from surgeries overnight or on weekends.

  • • Provides physical rehabilitation and fitness using manual and thermal therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, low level LASER therapy and therapeutic exercise.


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