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By: Kelland Group  09-12-2011
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The Managed Portfolio Program is a new and simplified investment
management option that enables clients to delegate the task of making
the everyday decisions that help maintain a healthy and prudent
investment portfolio. While this program frees clients from having to
give their consent for every recommendation that we may have for their
accounts, clients will still maintain control over their overall
investment strategy.

As always, we will build a portfolio tailored to each client’s unique
needs and circumstances. In the Managed Portfolio Program, clients will
receive a detailed Investment Policy Statement that will help ensure
that their portfolio continues to accurately reflect their changing
needs over time. Clients will continue to receive regular communication
from our office both through phone calls and our newsletters throughout
the year and are still encouraged to come in annually for a big picture
review meeting.

In addition to the benefit of not having to make the day-to-day
decisions in client portfolios, there are several other benefits to the
Managed Portfolio Program. Within this new program, clients do not pay
commission on the trades that we would make on their behalf, instead all
costs and expenses are covered by one transparent, all-inclusive fee.
This fee is not tied to the amount of trading activity that occurs in
the accounts, rather on the overall value of the portfolio. This
different ideology supports the fact that we will always act in the best
interests of our clients when it comes to trading in the accounts, not
to generate commissions but because we believe that it is the prudent
thing to do. In addition, the fee is fully tax-deductible in
non-registered accounts and will waive all annual administration fees
that are charged to registered plans.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to this new approach is that it will enable
us to be more nimble and effective at entering and exiting the market,
without the restrictions of having commission costs to consider for each
recommendation we may have. It allows us to react quickly to rapidly
changing market conditions on our clients’ behalf.

Clients who are interested in the Managed Portfolio Program must have
$250,000 in investable assets in order to qualify. This minimum asset
level is put in place in order to ensure that portfolios will be
sufficiently diversified and that risk exposure remains low.

Some additional benefits of this program include:

■Top-rated industry expertise and market insights provided through
sophisticated financial publications and a dedicated website for online
■Convenient online access to your investment account
■A Managed Portfolio program binder designed to help you organize all
your key financial documents, including account statements, trade
confirmations and other information you will receive throughout the year
■Educational seminars

If the Managed Portfolio Program approach is something you are
considering for your own portfolio, please feel free to contact our
office at your earliest convenience to discuss the program and fee
structure in further detail.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: financial publications, Industry Expertise, Investment Account, Managed Portfolio Program,

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