By: Joasys  09-12-2011

Consulting, Pre-Planning

JOASYS Inc. will work closely with you (or independently at your request) to gather your requirements and deliver documented recommendations that provide the best possible solutions for your company. We will provide these recommendations in clear, comprehensive formats and in terms your company is familiar with and understands. We will identify the opportunities, costs, savings, resourcing requirements and a plan of the deliverables. We will understand your business processes and deliver a recommendation that supports your needs now and in to the future.

Other products and services from Joasys


project management

The project plan can be provided in whatever format is standard to your organization or we can recommend a format that has proved successful in past projects. The Project Plan will be as simple or as detailed as the project it is supporting. A task is not complete until you have approved and signed-off. You have sign-off authority on every deliverable.



Report and document systems that have been causing you pain in both performance and at the bottom line and move you on to an effective, efficient, Enterprise Content Management system that will meet all of your needs in to the future. We will securely convert your reports to the DMS of your choice, providing seamless enterprise scalability and transparency across your platforms and enterprise.



Your installation may only require a single software product or your need may extend to include the design of the operating system and the selection and installation of the hardware. The schema of the Mobius database has changed with each new release requiring conversion of the database and many changes in the processes and administration of the products.


support services

You may require an interim Administrator or assistance to cover vacations, absenteeism's, staff shortages, etc.



It typically covers the viewing/access products listed under Products Training but can also cover your servers upgrade team and administration department in large organizations (Please see Upgrades under Packages and Services). Administrator Training is provided for the ViewDirect and DocumentDirect suite of products.



These services are offered in 1, 2, 3 or 4 day packages and can provide recommendations, statistical analysis and projections on your storage management practises, system applications and processes, business processes, integration, workflow and conversion and upgrade evaluation and opportunities.