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By: Jmp Engeneering  09-12-2011

Under the effects of increasing globalization, North American manufacturers are finding it cost effective to purchase new equipment or move existing machines from Europe, Asia, and South America. Often entire assembly lines are being relocated from facilities in one country and being re-commissioned in another.

Challenges arise when systems breakdown and local technicians cannot maintain these new systems due to language barriers in the automation and control system programs. Even when operator interfaces and electrical drawings have been translated to the local language, the PLC and robot program documentation is typically left in the original language.

But program comments, descriptions, and even tag and routine names are just as important as an electrical meter when troubleshooting. As a result, the downtime costs due to these issues can often threaten the cost benefit of this imported equipment.

Our Automation Program Translation Service empowers your maintenance department to troubleshoot equipment problems or implement new engineering changes without external help or costly delays. Our translation and documentation services are performed by experienced programmers who understand automation.

We can translate your program from virtually any language into fluent English, French or Spanish. The program descriptions can be referenced to your existing electrical drawings to speed troubleshooting. Our automation team can provide translation services to meet your individual needs, including:

  • Use terminology that your maintenance department is familiar with
  • Translate the routine names and tag names, not just the comments and descriptions
  • Add additional comments and documentation not included in the original program
  • Write maintenance manuals and guides including documentation of important program parameters and set points
  • Translate your operator interface screens and electrical drawings
  • Provide training to your maintenance department using the translated program as the text book
  • Provide additional stand-by or on-call support

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JMP Engineering, London ON (Automotive, Industrial, Manufacturing

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