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By: J D Creaghan Group  09-12-2011

Using key aspects of Thinking Differently®, TotalLeader is a strategy for developing the whole person as a leader thereby taking the guesswork out of succession, increasing responsibility and developing your team for growth.

1. A clear Pathway for Growth that generates confidence and excitement
Each leader will examine themselves in relation to 4 simple clear levels of leadership. This provides a clear path that generates excitement and confidence not only in the participant themselves but most importantly within you. Everyone will know where they stand. This understanding creates focus for everyone who is interested in being the best person they can be. Everyone will clearly see the steps to follow.

2. Observable progress
TotalLeader allows you to systematically watch progress in eight different ways. This we call looking for PUREFACT not fiction.

Using the tools
Three Minds

3. Tied to the Vision and Direction of the business
A typical challenge most business owners face is clearly translating the overall direction and vision so that the leadership team can implement it at the level of excellence required. We begin with defining, clarifying and translating the vision in a way that will create buy-in. When it is time to communicate it, each participant will be required to undertake specific activities tied to the business plan that can be tracked over time.

4. Learning is transferrable to all areas of their life
Uniquely what is applied at work can be easily taken into their personal life as well. TotalLeader is about the whole person. Interestingly enough clients have always asked that people be able to use the learning that way.

TotalLeader changes the thinking, changes the behaviour, changes the person

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