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By: Ismg  09-12-2011

When we develop a solution for your company we will use tried and proven industry standards supported by such standards bodies as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). These groups sole purpose is to introduce standards that will ultimately ensure that the solution ISMG develops for your company will not be obsolete in 12 months.

Anyone doubt that Microsoft is going to be around a while? In one form or another, Microsoft will continue to be the dominant player in the Internet technology game for years to come. That's one reason our technologies are based on theirs. Another reason is that they invest over $2 billion US dollars every year on research and development. There's not only financial power, but staying power and support backing the technologies we offer.

We use a wide variety of technologies, platforms, and tools in our development efforts. We have a great deal of experience in the following areas:

Microsoft Distributed interNetworking Architecture (DNA)
Microsoft DNA for Financial Services
Visual Basic Script
JavaScript & JScript
RealAudio & RealVideo
ActiveX Components
Active Server Components
Java Applets
Active Messaging
Active Server Pages
Cascading Style Sheets
Dynamic HTML
CDF (Channel Definition Format)
Active Data Connector
Active Data Objects
Web Wizards
ISAPI Filters and Applications

Platforms and Products
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Internet Information Server
Microsoft Site Server
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape Navigator
Netscape Communicator
Microsoft BackOffice


Microsoft Visual InterDev
Microsoft Visual J++
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft NetShow
Macromedia Flash 3
Macromedia Fireworks
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Usage Analyst



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Services - Our Process

This "blueprint" for success allows us to fully document how the project is to be undertaken, what resources are going to be required and what expectations ISMG has of you the client in order to complete the project in a timely fashion. The most important step in the development of any network based application – be it an Internet site, a private Intranet, or a highly secure web-based application – is the initial design and planning.


Services - Partners

As a partner in this program we receive details on opportunities to promote our client's product solutions within and outside of Microsoft, extending your reach to potential customers, developers, and Microsoft contacts. The MSDN ISV Program is designed exclusively for Independent Software Vendors that produce, shrink-wrapped or downloadable software that supports or runs on Microsoft® products, technologies, and platforms.



This document alone is a solid investment in your long-term business strategy as it outlines in very fine detail what technologies should be used and how they should be implemented to best accomplish the original project goals. We believe that the most effective way to develop an effective Internet-based solution is by connecting sound strategic thinking and strong business insight to today's most advanced Internet technologies.