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By: Home Comfort Svc  09-12-2011
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There are many other roofing types that have been used over the years. Some of these roofing systems include built up roofing, modified bitumen, asphalt, foam glass insulation, aged spray applied foam and coating systems, and concrete. For each of these types we use primers and coatings specific to each situation meeting the challenges that they pose. This is a generic image outlining a typical retrofit application.

SPF Roofing Systems

Spray-applied polyurethane foam & elastomeric coating roofing systems form a seamless barrier of protections for new or existing buildings. The key advantage of this roofing system is its energy efficiency.

With an SPF & coating system, a building owner can gain superior insulation, and, best of all, cut the building's heat and cooling costs by 30-50%. This, combined with the lightweight properties of SPF, can result in substantial long term savings.

In contrast to sheet roofing with boardstock, SPF offers design versatility. This is a roofing system made with both architects and owners in mind. From a design point of view, SPF & coatings can be used on flat, pitched and extreme geometric shaped roofs. And since SPF & coatings are self-flashing, the resulting appearance of the roof is a smooth monolithic blanket.

Metal Roofing Systems

Contractors and building owners have long sought the quality and durability of direct-to-metal spray-applied polyurethane, polyurea, silicone and acrylic coating systems to repair and rejuvenate aged metal roofs. That's because the elastomers produce a seamless, highly elastomeric membrane over the entire roofing system. Leaks, corrosion and degradations are suddenly things of the past.

Even mildly rusted roofs can have their operating life extended for years thanks to the exclusive high performance primers and fastener sealants we use.

Plus, we offer a wide variety of colours to produce a superior, glossy finish to you meet your specifications. Now any aged metal roof or building can have its original factory finish quickly and easily restored.

The battle against waterproofing, corrosion and colour fading on metal roofs can be won.

Single Ply Roofing Systems

Sheet roofing systems bring with them several problems. In a short time, seams will begin to leak and water will start to move laterally underneath the plies. The effects of water ponding and drying will eventually degrade the sheet plies. Fasteners will also protrude through the membrane. The result is multiple interior leaks and property damage. We offer building owners an alternative to an expensive roof tear off and reconstruction. Plus the tear-off from old roofing systems choke landfills with waste. With a simple application of one of our systems made for single ply membrane roofs, an aged roof can be rejuvenated to "better-than-new" condition.

  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, grease and oils
  • Resists chalking and degradation due to UV radiation
  • Seamless protection
  • Very economical when compared to other systems
  • Superior adhesion
  • Reflective surface
  • Eliminates / reduces tear off

Keywords: Polyurethane Foam

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