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By: Hands In Health Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre  09-12-2011
Keywords: Massage, healing, relaxation

Therapeutic Massage;
This is a combination of deep tissue techniques , trigger point therapy, and myofascial release techniques to specifically treat conditions such as injury , muscle spasm , and tension.

Relaxation Massage;
This is a slow kneading and long stroke type of technique which increases relaxation and circulation, reduces swelling from injury, speeds up the healing process and as well increases a sense of general well being.

CranioSacral Therapy - CST;
This technique uses a gentle touch to test for restrictions within the craniosacral system which consists of the skull, spine and soft tissues of the body . This system consists of membranes and cerebral spinal fluid that surround and protect the brain, spinal cord as well as the myofascial connective tissue throughout the body.

The therapist’s light touch , hands on approach simply assists the hydraulic forces and normal functioning of the craniosacral system itself. This enables it to improve the body’s internal environment. The result of this can enhance your general health , improve spinal cord function, reduce accumulated stress throughout the body, and work with your body’s own natural mechanisms to enhance it’s capacity for healing.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - MLD;
(Combined Decongestive Therapy)

  1. Manual Lymph Drainage :
    This is a special type of hands – on massage technique which stimulates and improves the function of the lymph vessel system. In addition to this, lymph can be re-routed into existing alternative pathways to improve lymphatic return to the blood stream.
  2. Compression Therapy :
    This includes compression garments and/or specializing bandaging.
  3. Education :
    This includes basic information about the lymph vessel system, causes of lymphedema, self- massage techniques, self care and instruction in the use of compression bandages / garments.
  4. Exercise :
    Exercise recommendations and guidelines .
  5. Skin Care :
    Techniques and suggested products to keep skin healthy, to improve it’s condition , or to deal with problems

This is a light touch, ancient healing technique in which of the therapist‘s hands are on specific energy points/ or charkas the body. You may be fully dressed in a regular session, or this technique also can be combined within a massage therapy treatment.
This treatment is a natural way of enhancing our own health, healing and well being by using the Universal Life Force Energy, which flows through and around ALL living things. Reiki works by gently flowing through the body to help release blocked energy, decrease pain, and as well can help restore order energetically in an areas within the body in which there may not be. The technique works on many levels to help find healing and balance for your mind, body, and soul.

Reflexology is based on the principal that there are specific zones or reflex points on the feet which directly correspond to every body system and major organ in the body, and is closely related to the theories of shiatsu, and acupuncture.
The therapist will apply a variety of specific therapeutic pressure techniques – mostly gentle in nature, by using their thumbs, fingers & palms to affect the corresponding areas of the body.
Benefits of this treatment include a great sense of relaxation and stress reduction, improved circulation, and a revitalizing affect on the body which can enhance and balance our organ system functions, and in turn can help increase our over all immune system function as well. People of all ages and health conditions can benefit from this particular technique.

Therapeutic Touch:
This is an energy based healing technique which helps to smooth and balance our energy field, as well helps the body evoke a healing response .
It is based on the premise that every living thing exudes energy and the therapist works to elicit a relaxation response which can reduce symptoms of pain and anxiety. The gentleness of the application of therapeutic touch , combined with the benefits of this technique has been documented in clinical studies through the years, which has allowed for it to even be a common therapy that nurses use in hospitals today. We offer this technique usually combined with Reiki, Reflexology , and / or Massage Therapy to enhance the benefits of them all.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage
Therapeutic massage to sooth and support a mother-to-be both physically and emotionally with our nurturing touch. The techniques help to alleviate the aches and pains of her growing and changing body, such as neck and lower back pain as well swelling. After giving birth, a mother may feel emotionally and physically exhausted as well as stiff and sore, due to the birthing process and caring for her newborn. Massage can help renew a mother's energy and help her feel more like herself again. A great baby shower gift. One of our most popular Gift Certificate massages.

Hot Stone Massage
Black basalt stones, known for their smooth texture and ability to retain heat combined with Swedish and Advanced techniques to create the ultimate in levels of relaxation. The heated stones stimulate your energy flow, are toxin-clearing and soothe your sore muscles. Indulge yourself in this exquisite treatment!

Keywords: healing, Massage, Reflexology, relaxation

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