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By: Green Valley Recycling  09-12-2011

Most products sold at Green Valley originate from materials processed either by us on site, or by our partners in the local recycling community. We are constantly working to bring you new products and services in our continual effort to minimize the amount of residual waste going to landfill.


Many of our granular products are processed on site from waste concrete and asphalt accepted at Green Valley Recycling free of charge. These materials are crushed, stripped of metals and foreign contaminants, then screened, resulting in a consistent “spec” product suitable for a variety of applications at competitive rates.


We carry a selection of wood chip mulches made from wood products received and recycled at Green Valley Recycling. Everything from discarded lumber, wood skids to wood furniture is cleaned, chipped and dyed using an environmentally friendly pigment into a superior groundcover at a great price.

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Green Valley Recycling | Services

The primary role of Green Valley Recycling is to provide a safe and user friendly facility where you can bring your mixed waste materials to be recycled by our team. We work to accommodate all of our customers, both big and small, by providing separate unloading areas for large commercial vehicles and smaller cars. Our areas for dumping goods are cleaned and swept regularly.