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By: Fineshine Tech  09-12-2011
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Ultrafine pure polyester for architectures

        Polyfine 9000 coatings have outstanding weathering properties specifically designed for a multitude of outdoor settings. On various substrates, Polyfine 9000 will display outstanding weathering resistance while retaining the same colour, satisfying the numerous prerequisites of the AAMA 2603 standard. Polyfine 9000 can be used on walls, window frames, wall edges, pillars, columns, and roofing components, such exterior parts that need to be resistant to corrosion brought on by the environment. Although designed for the exterior , our product can also be used for interior components.         There is a wide range of colour to choose from for Polyfine 9000. It can be specified to be of high, medium, or low matt (semigloss). Other than that, Fineshine can also provide net-like patterns, sand patterns, and hammer finishes to name a few.

        Our aim is to provide the greatest number of aesthetic designs unique to powder coatings to fulfill the creative needs of architects. Polyfine 9000’s greatest characteristic is that it employs Fineshine’s Ultrafine Powder coatings technology. With a very small particle size, the coating can achieve a very smooth coating surface and thin coating layer.

Properties of Polyfine 9000

  • has a higher hardness than liquid coatings and anti-scratching properties. At the same time, its colouration can be more easily controlled
  • can be used on most all structures of ordinary weathering resistance levels
  • can be used on a conventional powder coating line, but at higher temperatures
  • taking advantage of our breakthrough technology, the surface and thickness of our Ultrafine powder coating can rival that of liquid coatings

Keywords: Coatings, Liquid Coatings, Powder Coating, Powder Coatings

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