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By: European Directories  09-12-2011

In stategical partnership with Spotzer E.V. (based in the Netherlands) we are selling low cost video products to our customers in all of our markets. Video enables our customers to present their businesses to their potential clients in an engaging, professionally produced 30-45 second clip. Video strenghtens our offering, makes our IYP platform more attractive for users and improves the perceived value of our packages significantly. We have already sold thousands of videos and expect that growth to continue in the years to come.

Another important success factor for our video offering and differentiator from other players in the market is our exensive focus on search enginge optimization. Together with Spotzer we optimized video metadata and distribute videos on a mulititude of sharing sites so that videos can be indexed by search engines and subsequently returned in results. Video is seen as very relevant content by search engines, they usually crawl and index new videos within hours and our SEO'd videos often take top spots in the result list (resulting in free SEO traffic for our IYP properties).


Other products and services from European Directories

09-12-2011 | Tupalo | European Directories

Built for locals and visitors alike, collects reviews and recommendations from locals in the know and shares them with those who want to find the best restaurants, clubs, bars, salons, boutiques and services a city has to offer. European Directories is a strategic investor in, a social yellow pages community where people discover, rate and review the best local businesses around the corner or around the world.


Mobile | European Directories

European Directories's mobile services and applications are the fastest, most convenient way to find what you need when out and about, with detailed information on more than 3.6m businesses across 8 European countries. Providing the most complete local business information anywhere, our mobile services are available for all Internet capable handsets -- right from the phone's browser.


Products | European Directories

We offer consumers compelling local search services to help them find, evaluate and connect with local businesses across cross multiple media including print, online and mobile. Our advertising products are designed to help advertisers ensure they have a strong presence wherever consumers might be searching for local businesses. We offer a flexible range of high quality, cost effective lead generation products to suit all budgets.


Skype | European Directories

Participating European Directories advertisers will have the opportunity to be highlighted with Skype's blue "Free Call" button anywhere their number appears on the internet. The partnership between Skype and European Directories will offer consumers free calls to up to 700,000 businesses across Europe.


Streetview | European Directories

So sit back, enter streetview and explore your favorite haunts, search for stores or business that interest you, or simply take a trip around some of the most attractive and exciting cities in Europe. Streetview integrates rich local media content such interior”360“panorama images, video and photos within a framework of downtown city streets to create a truly integrated visual search experience.


Syndication Toolkit | European Directories

In each of our operating countries we offer simple to install search and mapping applications, to website owners and blogger who can offer their users these extra features. The applications enable site visitors to search for local companies, people, and products and services on-site through easy-to-use yellow pages and white pages search boxes. Users can then browse through and interact with the results either integrated within the current site or by redirecting them to