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By: Diaxiom Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: alternative energy


DiAxiom Technologies Inc. is involved in the research and development of two novel alternative energy systems - the NOHRMAN (H+e) Hydrogen-Electric System and the DiAxiom Solar Energy System (DSES).   The technology behind these projects addresses both short and long-term energy needs while, at the same time, helping to resolve the environmental issues associated with conventional energy sources.

The NOHRMAN (H+e) System offers an on-demand, on-site, clean and reliable source of electrical energy, and hydrogen output for the generation of additional power or for applications as fuel.  The NOHRMAN (H+e) will provide relief from our dependency on today's conventional energy sources and also lead us into the future "hydrogen economy" (Energy 2.0).

The DiAxiom Solar Energy System (DSES) provides the combined benefits of both solar and wind technologies through an effective, new solar reflection and energy capture system.   This innovated approach augments present day solar/wind installations to dramatically increase their energy efficiencies, and propelling solar and wind forward as more viable alternative energy solutions.

Keywords: alternative energy