Release of Amazon #1 Best Seller Forgiveness:How to let go when it still hurts

Release of Amazon #1 Best Seller Forgiveness:How to let go when it still hurts from Di Riseborough @ Find Your Courage, Your Guide to Conscious & Courageous Living

By: Di Riseborough @ Find Your Courage, Your Guide to Conscious & Courageous Living  02-06-2014
Keywords: Stress Management, Life Coaching, personal coaching

Client Testimonials: Before working with Di I was like a tightly strung wire. I reacted too drama, took things personally and created some of my own drama. I was angry and depressed most of the time. I felt unworthy and burdened. While working with Di she gave me the tools to feel my emotions and work through them instead of stuffing them. What were these emotions telling me. I learned to listen to my body and what it was telling me . I also started to trust my inner voice. Now I look for the gift in situations and someone else’s drama is just that. I have more compassion and understanding and don’t take things personally. Di taught me how to set boundaries and ask for help. I now look for the gift in difficult situations and I am grateful . I used to think that I needed fixing but Di taught me that I have all that I need with in me and that I am enough. My Heart is opening up. I have become a much calmer more relaxed person and can transfer some of the tools Di gave me to my family and team. My advice to others who are thinking of working with Di is that you will not regret finding out who you really are . Her tools are life changing and her energy is transforming. If you are ready to change then go for it! -Sales Director Before meeting Di I was living my life in repeat and I couldn’t understand why? Why was I attracting the same drama, why wasn’t my life moving forward in leaps and bounds? I remember being so frustrated that no transformation was happening! At that time I was doing affirmations, listening to self help tapes, reading books and even though these were all very helpful, they weren’t enough to transform my life. I knew deep down that I needed help and I signed up for Di’s Soul Vision Board in hopes that I could get some answers and did I ever! The biggest thing I learned that day was I had alot of unresolved issues from my past that I needed to face before I could truly move forward. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t want to go there, I had spent years trying to pretend that my past wasn’t that bad so I could hold my head high as someone “normal” in society. If I had a beautiful family, ran a successful business, treated people with a kind heart then I should “fit in” just fine. But that wasn’t the case, I was still carrying my past with me everyday, it was buried deep but it was still there, calling the shots letting me know “my place.” From the discoveries I found in my Vision Board I made the decision to work with Di one on one. The first thing Di said to me when we began was, “I’m not here to take your power, I don’t want it.” This hit home for me and is the foundation of our work together. Every week I go in knowing I’m going to face another piece of my life that I ran from, that I buried and parts of myself that I’m not proud of and every week Di’s still there letting me know it’s ok and helping me to heal. It has been the most difficult journey I’ve ever been on and it has made me appreciate my courage and my strength. I’ve been working with Di for 10 months now and my accomplishments have been many, from going on TV (which terrified me before), to running my life and my business with excitement and joy, my repetitive drama situations all have vanished. I’ve taken my power back and my life, I completely embrace who I am and every part of my life from the past, the present and the future to come. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made, Di wrote once, “I am not my pain, I am not my past, I am that which has emerged from the fire.” this is what she gave to me, the discovery of who I truly am and what I found was magnificent! -Business Owner

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