Geotechnical, Materials and Environmental Engineering

By: Davies  09-12-2011


Aéroports de Montreal , Montreal, Canada

Scope of Work

Expansion and modernization of Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.

Dessau helped expand and modernize Montreal’s international airport, increasing the airport’s capacity and improving passenger services. The project included the construction of a new international terminal, US departures area, a hotel and a three-story parkade. Dessau also helped plan the reconfiguration of the road that links the airport to the new Dorval interchange.

Within the scope of this project, Dessau offered its expertise in the following areas: transportation and infrastructure, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction (Verreault) and geotechnical engineering (materials analysis and control).

This tremendous undertaking, which took 5 years to complete, required more than 5,275 metric tonnes of reinforced steel and 1.6 million cu. ft. of concrete, nearly 330 piles and 16 caissons. In addition, prefabricated cement concrete structural elements had to be manufactured and installed. The total construction area covered approximately 2 million sq. ft. Finally, the existing tarmac had to be demolished and rebuilt.

Dessau’s geotechnical engineering specialists were called in as consultants at the manufacturing and construction sites. They verified the structural steel, watertightness of the foundations, the underground parking flagstone, the elevated drop-off lane and the entire roofing works.

Our mechanical and electrical experts managed to design the building to consume 30% less energy than a conventional building. Thanks to their efforts, this building not only produces 1,160 fewer tonnes of greenhouse gases annually, it also meets stringent quality and security standards. This fast-track project stands out due to its scope, complexity and incorporation of sustainable development principles.

Dessau’s transportation and infrastructure teams were responsible for designing and supervising the tarmac and parkade reconstruction, as well as reconfiguring the road network (including drainage) and phasing the road works.


  • Ensure that the airport remains functional during the construction work.
  • Coordinate a set of multidisciplinary teams working on the project while respecting tight deadlines.
  • Respect the airport’s safety and security standards.

Prizes and Awards

  • Armatura Grand Prize of the Decade, Institutional category, awarded by the Quebec Reinforced Steel Institute (IAAQ) in 2010.
  • 2004 Award of Excellence for Steel Construction, Commercial/Institutional category, awarded by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC).