By: Cyberteks Digital Media  09-12-2011

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Video & Audio Encoding

Streaming media encoding is an art form. It demands balance; the file size must be compressed to a practical size for delivery over the Internet while at the same time the visual and audio quality of the original content must be preserved. Our multimedia professionals are experts at this process and carefully encode each clip based on its specific content and requirements. We offer streaming video and audio encoding for Windows Media Player™ and Macromedia Flash™.

In addition to choosing a format for your streaming content you must also determine whether you want your video accessible via a 56k dial-up connection. If you wish to provide access to dial-up users you will need to provide two streams, a high quality stream for broadband users and a low quality version for the dial-up users. Our streaming media professionals will help you determine which services to use based upon your unique needs.

Streaming Video Hosting

Streaming delivery is the consummate method for delivering video to your audience on the web. A streaming server is required for videos with a long duration or high traffic web sites. The benefits of streaming video hosting include:

  • Little wait time before your video starts playing
  • Smooth, uninterrupted playback even for long video clips
  • Video and audio quality can be customized based on connection speed
  • Users can watch any part of the video that has been buffered
  • Media security - users can't steal content from their web cache
  • Efficient use of bandwidth for file transfers
  • Server can serve a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users

We provide reliable world-class streaming video hosting for Windows Media and Macromedia Flash. Our streaming video hosting monthly packages are based on the amount of server space used, and the amount of media transferred.