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By: Colour By Schubert Custom Photofinishing  09-12-2011
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Colour by Schubert is a full-service custom imaging facility. Whether you bring in a digital file, traditional negative, or slide and walk out with a matted and framed image, or you need to breathe new life into a time damaged family portrait, we should be your first stop.


Within the last 15 years the emergence of large format, archival ink jet printers has transformed how Colour by Schubert delivers a finished image. Gone are the days of the cumbersome, chemical based processor. While on the one hand, the images that the older systems produced are easily on par with the quality of the newer technologies, the advantages of ink jet printers have changed how we work.

The archival ink jet process allows for more consistent printing of images as fluctuations in the power supply and chemical mixtures no longer have influence over output. Colour by Schubert also has its printer running on a daily basis under strict control and maintenance schedules.

In printing, size matters. Colour by Schubert runs a 44inch wide printer allowing for a wide range of custom output sizes, with our largest print to date coming in at 44inches wide and 12 feet long.

Our ability to print large and maintain high quality has helped many local artists sell limited editon prints of artwork. But a printer is only half the equation.

Whether you want your images hanging on a wall in a gallery, or in your living room, Colour by Schubert has the tools and experience to give you the highest possible quality on the highest quality product.


What do you do if you do not have access to a digital file, or traditional negative? What do you do if you want your original artwork reproduced for limited edition resale? Quite simply, the answer is scanning.

Colour by Schubert can scan just about any image that can be legally reproduced by you. We are capable of scanning larger format images safely up to 22inches by 36inches in high-resolution.

If you have older film negative and slides, or even continue to shoot on film we can scan and print them, or just scan so you have a digital archive of your images. We are capable of scanning many different film formats from common 35mm and 2 1/4 inch to the more rare 8x10 glass negatives.

The scan is also the most important first step in our archival restoration and compositing processes. Images that have been heavily worn by time, environment, or just plain neglect can be given new life. A visual family tree or grouped images of your favorite vacations can let you revisit fantastic memories and it all starts with a high-resolution scan.


Colour by Schubert has been doing photographic restoration for most of our existence as a company. Originally, it was done with an airbrush and traditional masking combined with a series of copy negatives. Of course this path was destructive to a copy print at each application of the airbrush. While technology has introduced a non-destructive approach and allows for greater detailed work, it is still our experience that makes the difference.

Starting with a high-resolution scan we take an image damaged by excessive folds, tears, sun and environmental exposure, mould as well as simple time and return to you an image ready for display.

Often an image must go through many versions before it is completed and therefore, depending on the level of damage to the original, the timeline for each image is different. Please bring in your image for an assessment on the time required for restoration and a cost estimate.


The term ‘composite’ has multiple meanings with regards to photographic images. Generally it is broken down into 2 categories: the single image composite and multi-image composite.

A single image composite consists of removing, replacing, or inserting an individual(s), or object(s) within an image. Often these take the form of requests for adding a family member, friend, or colleague from another image into a group shot they were not present for, or the removal of a foreground object that detracts from an otherwise ‘perfect’ image. Depending on the complexity of the request, this work is very time intensive and may not even be possible if certain conditions do not lend to a realistic comp.

A multi-image composite consists of taking multiple images and laying them out into a coherent collage. This has become increasingly popular, especially for showing family through the generations. Often, when seen in this context, the images tell a compelling visual history. This style of composite is also excellent for arranging images around a particular event, or even different angles of the same person, or object.


When we say we are full service, we mean it. Custom framing has always been part of Colour by Schubert’s repertoire. We carry a wide assortment of frames from modern styles to hard to find original antique frames.

If your images are a standard size, we carry prebuilt frames with pre-cut mats, but if your image is printed to your personal specifications we will cut a custom mat and have a frame custom cut. We carry a wide selection of modern and antique reproductions that can all be cut to custom dimensions.

Of course our specialty is antique framing. Should you require a frame that matches an old image, or one we have restored, we often have hard to find original antique frames that match the era of your image. Sometimes we even have the corresponding convex glass that was intended to go with the frame. These types of frames are only available if we have the stock, but check with us frequently as we are always searching for more. We also buy antique frames. If you would like to discuss selling a frame, please bring it by the shop for an appraisal.

Keywords: Frames

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