National Change of Address (NCOALink™) by

By: Cleanlist  09-12-2011

A = COA Match - The input record matched to a business, individual or family type master file record. A new address could be furnished.

00 = No Match - The input record COULD NOT BE matched to a master file record. A new address could not be furnished.

01 = Found COA: Foreign Move

02 = Found COA: Moved Left No Address (MLNA)

03 = Found COA: Box Closed No Order (BCNO)

04 = Cannot match COA: Street Address with Secondary

05 = Found COA: New 11 digit DPBC is Ambiguous

06 = Cannot match COA: Conflicting Directions - Middle Name Related

07 = Cannot Match COA: Conflicting Directions - Gender Related

08 = Cannot Match COA: Other Conflicting Instructions

09 = Cannot Match COA: High-rise Default

10 = Cannot Match COA: Rural Default

11 = Cannot Match COA: Individual Match

12 = Cannot Match COA: Middle Name Test Failed

13 = Cannot Match COA: Gender Test Failed

14 = Found COA: New Address Would Not Convert at Run Time

15 = Cannot Match COA: Individual Name Insufficient

16 = Cannot Match COA: Secondary Number Discrepancy

17 = Cannot Match COA: Other Insufficient Name

18 = Cannot Match COA: General Delivery

19 = Found COA: New Address not ZIP+4 Coded

20 = Cannot Match COA: Conflicting Directions after re-chaining

66 = Daily Delete

91 = COA Match: Secondary Number dropped from COA

92 = COA Match: Secondary Number dropped from input address

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CASS™ Certified Address Standardization & Correction from

The prices for NCOALink and DPV services are not established, controlled, or approved by the United States Postal Service. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: CASS, CASS Certified, DMM, DPV, DSF.


Delivery Sequence File (DFS2™) by

It classifies an address as a CMRA or private mail box, business or residence, vacant or seasonal and identifies the mail delivery method as curbside delivery, door slot, NDCBU or central delivery. It incorporates the use of the USPS's Delivery Point Validation processes to identify known address information, right down to the physical delivery point.