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By: Candat  09-12-2011
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Specific information

To obtain nutrient information from this computer system requires the interaction of you (the user) and the software (CANDAT).

The user controls:

  • Food information
  • Food group definitions
  • Nutrient information
  • Recommended Nutrient Intake information (R.N.I.)
  • Recipe information
  • Subject information
  • Food frequency questionnaire definition
  • The management of all created files

Candat provides:

in general

  • data entry environment
  • management of large files of data
  • listings of files and tables
  • calculation of nutrient data
  • production of reports

for foods

  • 3 levels of food files
    • Master food file (Canadian food file)
    • Institute food file (one)
    • User food files (many)
  • extensive listings of selected foods
    • by level of food file or in combination
    • by attributes of food or nutrient information
    • by food groups
    • sorted by specific nutrient concentration
    • sorted by user defined ratio of nutrient concentrations

for food groups

  • food group table definitions
    • group name and description
    • food codes included/excluded in group (by range of codes and by individual codes)
  • listings of definition tables

for nutrients

  • nutrient table definitions
    • code, description, units, decimals of expression, outlier daily limits
    • standard nutrient set for analysis
    • standard calculated ratios for analysis (P/S, P/Ca, nutrient densities)
  • listings of nutrient table definitions

for Recommended Nutrient Intake

  • R.N.I. table definitions
    • definition of subject (age, height, weight, activity, pregnancy, lactation)
    • rating criteria by subject definition (high, low, rating comment)
    • requirement tables for activity, pregnancy
  • listings of R.N.I. definition tables

for recipes

  • dual recipe definitions per recipe (eg. one for metric and one for imperial units or one for small preparation, the other for large, etc.)
  • validation listings showing all recipe information
  • calculation of nutrients for each definition
  • ratings of recipes as a source for specific nutrients
  • classifications of recipes by
    • category of recipe
    • preparation time
    • main ingredient
  • listings by classification
  • conversion of recipes to foods for use in other recipes or subject information

for subjects

  • recall or food frequency data
  • up to seven days per recall, 7 meals per day
  • data from one questionnaire
  • listings of nutrients by
    • food detail (mark missing nutrient information)
    • meal summary (total food contributions)
    • day summary (total meal contributions, mark outlier nutrients, percent of R.N.I.
    • subject (statistical summary over subjects)
    • any of the above, by food groups
  • calculate diversity index (different foods consumed by subject) and store as subject variable
  • full documentation of text files for input to graphics or statistical packages

for food frequency questionnaires

  • questionnaire table definitions
    • item, type, group, food code(s), amount(s), units
    • questionnaire layout
  • questionnaire table listings
  • questionnaire creation from layout
  • questionnaire printing

for the management of files

  • users have their own directories for
    • food files
    • food group files
    • recipe files
    • subject files
    • questionnaire files
    • miscellaneous files
    • text output files
  • listings of file information, compression and deletion of files in the user area

Support: The licence to use CANDAT is usually accompanied by a yearly system support agreement. This provides updates to CANDAT as these become available and allows on-going telephone and online support in the use of CANDAT.

Prices - Please use the purchase link to obtain these products

System support agreements are available for the same price as the purchase price on a per year basis. Agreements include software updates, data updates and telephone support.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Applicable taxes are not included.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Please call for price quotations for specific projects that you may require in addition to CANDAT.

14 Day Trial version: $0
Student: $250
Consultant: $495
Institute, single user: $695
Institute, multi user:(up to 4 users) $995
Institute, multi user:(up to 10 users) $1,990
Institute, multi user:(up to 20 users) $2,985
Institute, multi user:(unlimited) $3,980
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