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By: Bach-simpson  09-12-2011
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Today's rail transportation industry is more dynamic and complex than ever before. Rail transport companies are rapidly adopting high-tech solutions to help manage and maintain their fleet. Event data recording is a very effective solution that is currently being deployed in the rail transportation industry. Recording vehicle data is essential in operating and maintaining safe and efficient vehicles.

Recorded data provides vital information for accident investigations, train handling studies, fuel conservation, vehicle performance, and preventative maintenance programs.

Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders are engineered for maximum flexibility, meeting your immediate needs while allowing for future expandability. Bach-Simpson’s™ Event Recorders are accompanied by a complete PC software package that allows service personnel to download and graphically analyze data from the Event Recorder.

Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders digitally record a minimum of 48 hours of signal data. A typical Event Recorder system is capable of monitoring and recording 4 frequency channels, 16 analog channels and 64 digital channels. There are also 8 output channels available. Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders have a number of available options including:

  • Train-line network communication compatibility;
  • Train Monitoring (Alerter) System for operator alertness;
  • USB Remote Download Panels;
  • Support remote download capability;

Crash Hardened Memory Module
The internal crash hardened memory module meets or exceeds current FRA and IEEE 1482.1-1999 crashworthy requirements for event recorders. This Crash Hardened Memory Module (CHMM) protects data from the most extreme conditions; Fire, Shock, Crush and Volatile Liquids.

All Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders are complimented with illustrated manuals and user friendly software. Our Event Recorders are engineered and manufactured using the highest quality components. Internal electronic components are conformally coated to protect against moisture. Our systems are designed and qualification tested for reliability and durability in extreme operating conditions. Shock testing and environmental burn-in are part of our quality manufacturing process. At final inspection all aspects of the recorder and its peripheral devices are inspected for material imperfections and 100% testing ensures proper operation.

Bach-Simpson™ Event Recorders come complete with PC software for Event Recorder data downloading and analysis. Bach-Simpson’s™ WinDownload software shows a real-time view into the Event Recorder and allows data downloading. Bach-Simpson’s™ Windows Data Analysis Software (WinDAS™) is used to display and print portions of the downloaded data file in table or graphical format. WinDAS™ allows service personnel to analyze recorded data items such as speed, throttle and brake pressure, using a time and distance reference as a valuable tool for troubleshooting electrical problems and train handling. WinDAS™ is also effective for generating inspection reports for scheduled maintenance. Bach-Simpson’s™ PC software is user friendly and compatible with all Windows environments.

The TMS system requires a train handling control action to reset an internal timer that is speed dependent. The reset signal can be any one of a number of Event Recorder input sources. When the timer period expires a visual and audible warning is given. If the operator fails to acknowledge the warning, a Penalty Brake application results.

  • A dash mounted Aux. Light Control switch (Off, On Continuous, Flash Continuous or Auto (flash on trigger)
  • User programmable setup for auto mode flashing trigger source (Bell, Horn or both)
  • User programmable flashing rate and hold period timing parameters.
Long Blast "ON" 3.0 Seconds
  "OFF" 2.0 Seconds
Long Blast "ON" 3.0 Seconds
  "OFF" 2.0 Seconds
Short Blast "ON" 1.0 Seconds
  "OFF" 2.0 Seconds
Long Blast "ON" 3.0 Seconds
  "OFF" 2.0 Seconds

The sequence will be non-repeating unless the Engineer depresses the foot switch after the sequence stops.

The sequence can be cancelled at any time by depressing the horn sequence foot switch again or activating the console horn activation switches.

A wide range of ancillary equipment is available, and can be purchased separately or as part of an Event Recorder system package. Complimentary equipment supplied with an Event Recorder system includes manuals and user friendly download and analysis software.

Electrical Specifications

    Power Input:
    • Nominal Voltages: 74 VDC, 32 VDC, 24 VDC

    Temperature Range:
    • Operating: -40°C to 85°C
    • Storage: -55°C to 90°C

    • Case electrically isolated from power supply, APTA SS-E-001-98

Keywords: Event Recorder, Event Recorders,