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By: Asymex  09-12-2011

SpooliT Server V4.8.3 is a System i and PC client server application which manages System i, iSeries and AS400 spool files. SpooliT is a rules based solution which monitors your output queues and automates report archiving, indexing and distribution. Reports can be eMailed, Faxed, Split, Exported to users in the format they want to see (i.e. PDF, Excel, Word, Text, HTML, RTF and CSV). SpooliT delivers a total Spool file solution for the IBM System i.

  • SpooliT Server bundle includes SpooliT Automation Server, SpooliT Explorer, SpooliT Browser and Viewer. PLUS..
  • Automated rules based engine,
  • Automated spool file archiving,
  • Automated export distribution,
  • Automated report splitting,
  • Overlay markings (textual and graphical).
  • Multiple wizards to guide you through any type of automated rule definition.
  • Define intuitive spool file categorization & distribution rules.
  • Export Spool files to common windows PC applications such as (Word, PDF, Excel, TXT, RTF, HTML, CSV).
  • Define re-usable Excel Templates. Includes powerful data mining capabilities. Includes powerful column selection rules and configurable row ommission rules.
  • Export spool files directly to your companies Intranet or to the Internet or a secured FTP server or DMZ!
  • Drag and drop a spool file from an OUTQ into any PC application.
    SpooliT Server includes a single server license for your System i; for a single partition.
  • Includes a single Windows Server License
  • Includes unlimited Windows PC seat Licenses