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By: Algoma Software  09-12-2011
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This is a PC point and click package that generates Progress® source code to do reports. The schema information is stored in a Microsoft Access data base and the report code is FTP'd to the database computer to be compiled and run.


  • Requires no programming knowledge
  • Inexpensive ($75 or less) - costs considerably less than similar products (see shop for details)
  • Requires no Progress license / installation on the user PC (1)
  • Customizable schema allows simplification and definition of calculated fields
  • Automatic table linking
  • Choose fields to report and/or total
  • Choose fields to sort
  • Choose selection fields
  • Create and use calculated fields
  • Create parameter fields
  • Extensive help screens
  • Built in FTP client to copy program to database server


  • Database server requires Progress query/runtime license (1)
  • Database server requires FTP server (if program needs to be copied)
  • Client requires Windows 98 or later
  • User needs access to database server to run report.
  • One user needs access to Progress dictionary to extract a data definition files (.df)

FlexCount is a Palm ® application to do Inventory and Cycle counts. It can also be used to capture receiving or shipping counts. In fact it can be used any where in a business where it would be advantageous to capture numeric information to be fed into a computer system. It is managed from the FlexCount Desktop application. It is targeted at small to medium size companies that have an existing computer system but would like the productivity increase provided by using a PDA to reduce:

  • Keying effort
  • Keying and transcription errors
  • Turn around time for document output/input


  • Flexibility - You name the fields and specify the import and export format (from and to your existing inventory system)
  • Multiple PDA's controlled from a single PC
  • On screen Numeric keypad for Graffiti challenged warehouse staff
  • Optional comparison of expected count vs. actual count with prompt for re-count
  • Costs less than $20


  • PC requires Windows 98 or later
  • PDA requires Palm OS 3.5 or later

This is a Palm® application targeted at Roofing contractors to assist in calculating a Price Quotation for a customer. This application is in the design stage. If you are a roofing contractor that thinks this might be useful - please contact us at . This could be an opportunity to get custom designed software for free! This product is planned for Q1 2004 (just in time for the roofing season).

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Keywords: Database Server