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By: Activplant  09-12-2011
Keywords: Technical Support, software implementation

Ensuring the Success of Your Project

Any successful software implementation starts with the right people, resources and project methodology to ensure success. We leverage our extensive industry experience and plant floor knowledge in projects that we undertake allowing you to realize the maximum value from your software investment. Secondly, our applications are preconfigured and template driven permitting a highly repeatable implementation process. As a result, this repeatability allows us to focus more on your training and mentoring as part of your overall project.

How We Deliver Results

Our Services team is driven by the desire to help you improve your decision making and ultimately reduce your costs by implementing our solutions. Our team consists of three groups: Delivery, Support and Training. Each group works seamlessly with your organization to deliver the business advantage you need – on time and on budget. Choose any level of service you need: engage us in a quality assurance role for some added peace of mind, or let us take on the management and execution of your overall project.

Some benefits of using Activplant Professional Services include:

Faster delivery while greatly reducing project risk

Activplant Services has managed hundreds of projects around the world, and it is this experience that anchors every project we undertake.

Leverage our experience and expertise

Activplant Services helps companies like yours use our solutions to achieve more operational visibility, reduce costs, and increase margins.

Accountability from a single vendor relationship

Activplant designed the software - who better than us to implement, build or deploy it. Our success is connected to your long-term success. Our approach is dedicated to bringing business value to our customers and we will devote resources and time to ensure that goal is achieved.

We can manage your project's entire lifecycle

We carefully and interactively define your needs. Then we design, build, and deploy these solutions within your business. Using these clearly defined methodologies, our consultants develop a roadmap for your success.

Our Services Teams

Activplant Services consists of three seperate professional groups:

Our Implementation and Consulting team delivers world class implementation, consulting and onsite coaching - this team makes your project successful.

From teaching the basics to mentoring the guru's, our Training team prepares your team for long term success.

Our Technical Support team consists of Activplant knowledge experts that ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Keywords: software implementation, Technical Support

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ActivEssentials promotes the standardization of plant floor analytics, to both enable real-time key performance drivers, and the provision of the in-depth, historical information so necessary to support continuous improvement initiatives. With the UFDM, you can quickly add additional data collection from plant floor machines, add new calculations, and seamlessly scale across multiple plants, all with an out-of-the-box solution.


Support | Activplant

Activplant Support Engineers are individually trained in the implementation, use, and troubleshooting of our products, and when needed, can escalate issues to our software architects and developers through an internal process. The Activplant Support and Maintenance Program provides access to our Support Engineers as well as the provision of software patches, service packs, and product enhancements.


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BI can only come from collecting the right data, analyzing it, and processing it in a way that enables personnel, from the shop floor to the management office, to make the best possible decisions. The ITK is a powerful set of tools for exporting ActivEssentials data to the enterprise level applications you use to run your business and for use in custom reports.


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From using the web analytics on the plant floor to drive efficient manufacturing to administering a new Activplant implementation, from advanced implementation topics to Integration Toolkit development projects. The foundation of any successful software implementation is to ensure that end users and administrators have the proper knowledge and tools to drive value from the solution.