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By: 10in6  09-12-2011

10in6 Inc. is unique in that we offer our customers a wide variety of consulting and implementation services. Depending on where you currently sit on the continuous improvement spectrum and how far along you are with production reporting systems, we will be able to find the right mix of solutions and services help you achieve success.

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Start with the basics: We can help you design some simple but focused techniques that will be easy to implement and maintain that will generate an immediate impact on efficiency improvements.

We can work with you to identify and focus on a few key metrics/enablers that will generate the highest impact in terms of improvements. Then we will generate the associated key reports that highlight and drive accountability to those metrics and ensure that your improvements are sustained.

We can work with your existing continuous improvement processes and techniques and take them to the next level by streamlining the data collection activities and ensuring that focus is placed on the highest priority issues.

Select which level applies to your organization.

If you’re just getting started then our advice is to “KEEP IT SIMPLE”. We don’t wish to overwhelm our customers with too much change at once. This is a great opportunity to exploit the ‘low hanging fruit’ of improvement that will become apparent with just a few simple reports and metrics.

Since you have experience with some reporting systems, the next step is determine precisely what data is important and what isn’t. Then you will want to ensure that that data is accurately reported and acted upon. We will transition you from ‘having reports’ to ‘using report’ to drive real continuous improvement.

An organization that is data driven understands the importance of accuracy and discipline of their data usage. You’re most likely on the upper end of the efficiency spectrum so now it’s time to increase the granularity and accuracy of your data so incremental improvement can be achieved. Without this level of detail, most continuous improvement programs hit a wall and stall.

Select which level applies to your organization.

Let us design a turnkey solution that allows 10in6 Inc. to become your full service partner in helping to build out a plan that works best for you as well as execute that plan in a timely manner so you get the results you desire.

Sometimes you have plans but just not enough time to getting things done. Let us work with you on refining your plans and executing them in a timely manner so you can meet your performance/cost objectives.

World class continuous improvement organizations tend to be self sufficient and have an unmatched level of internal expertise. In this case, we often take a ‘train the trainer’ approach to our solutions and help your organization adopt this new technology and become fully self sufficient.