K.M.C. International : Custom Built Orthopedic Appliances : Toronto, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

By: K.m.c. International  09-12-2011

  • Our orthotics are computer designed to create a firm, flexible and shock absorbing orthotic for everyday and athletic use.

  • Each features inner and outer arch support with a contoured heel cup and metatarsal support.

  • Bio-mechanically balanced.

  • Made with F.D.A approved EVA.

  • Formed to control bio-mechanical deficiencies of the foot.

  • The Shoemate┬« Orthotic is the only orthotic with a 5YEAR WARRANTY on product. Also FREE checkups as long as you need the SHOEMATE┬« Orthotic.

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    Toronto, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

    These procedures show us how to correct the biomechanical misalignment of the foot and effectively design a custom-built foot appliance.We offer custom fabricated appliance on site. A weight bearing impression is done to assess any problems or abnormalities in the function of the foot. Applied kinesiology is a technique used to check for range of motion, muscle testing and posture.