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By: KLCFDC  09-12-2011

Our volunteer Board of Directors represents various industry and community sectors and the geographic regions that make up the City of Kawartha Lakes. They understand the needs of local business and the communities in which they operate. The Board works closely with our office staff in coordinating meetings with current and future business owners to discuss the plans for their business and how to provide advice on how best to proceed with the executing of those plans. Combining these resources with our professional office staff, gives those approaching us at the KLCFDC office a number of opportunities.

You may wish to start by discussing your ideas while accessing our walk-in, self-serve business reference library and Internet-based resources. In this case, we would be glad to show you around and spend a few minutes talking about what your needs may be in getting started. You may need help in developing your business plan. Our library combined with access to Internet sites and sample business planning tools can be of value. Or, you may be ready to meet and discuss how we can be of help in directing you in the next steps in either making your business a reality or in your plans for further expansion. This may include a review of our resources or perhaps setting up a meeting to discuss your plans with one of our Directors. At the Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation, we have helped to create or maintain over 3000 jobs and encouraged development of local economic interests since we began in 1986. We've assisted hundreds of local businesses and community projects for over 20 years and we are available to work with you. If you think we can be of help, please contact us-we're ready to listen!

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While you are working on your application on the server and also once it is submitted to us, it is protected and secured by local private security certificate using shared key technology. Our server channel is secured using SSH encryption and RSA public-key cryptography algorithms. Required fields are outlined in red.


KLCFDC.com | Financial Assistance

If you are considering a business loan from the KLCFDC, you may be required to provide further information-beyond completing our Loan Application Form. We see ourselves as an alternative source for providing financial assistance to businesses, and we are committed to promoting business development. We offer term loans to businesses based upon current interest rates that are market competitive.


New Idea or Growing One - evaluationcriteria

This is important in determining its viability, as this will be the foundation within establishing your loan obligations. Whether your business is in the start-up stage or growing, we are interested in supporting your dreams and aspirations. Evidence of your commitment to the business both from a resource and financial position must be evident.


New Idea or Growing One - newidea

We would arrange a meeting to discuss your plans and if they meet our lending criteria, a site visit to your place of business could be set up. If you have an idea for a business, along with some means by which to invest in the project, a call to our office could be warranted. Initially we will work with you in assessing your idea, likely through reviewing your business plan or helping you to develop one.