Study Finds Twitter Users Value Information

By: Zmogo  09-12-2011

Recently, I was able to interview Jay Feitlinger, CEO and Founder of ShopTab, a company that allows businesses to sell through their FaceBook pages. RS: First off, WHAT is ShopTab? JF: ShopTab is a Facebook App that allows business owners to sell more products by creating a shop tab on their Facebook fan page, showcasing [..]

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Top Seven Tips For Great Blog Design

The goldenrod borders around everything, including boxes within boxes, stare at the reader like a bad blind date. The various blocks seem to sit uncomfortably on the blue background and seem unintentional.


Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Overview - gear

SCOTTEVEST manufactures clothing with a proprietary system of routing wires and cables into clothing for gadgets along with unique pockets for all your electronics. Recently I was able to interview founder and CEO of SCOTTEVEST, Scott Jordan.


Mobile Game uses Micro-transactions to Harness Virtual Economy

Unlike some video games that are out there it’s available on multiple platforms; Xbox, Playstation, and on the computer, so that everyone that wants to play the game can without. Origins is a role playing game from BioWare, the makers of Baldur’s Gate. It’s a highly complex game, with rich and complex gameplay.


Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Overview - gadgets

This week marks the unveiling of not one, but two, cellular phones that can be worn as a watch. Is this going to be the fad of 2009, or is this just the last flash-in-the-pan for 2008. The first is the one on the left, the Phenom Watch Phone. It is a GSM phone.


Video Games Don’t Get No Respect Once Again

Tony Hawk is releasing yet another video game based on his extreme skateboarding franchise. This new one, simply known as Ride, comes with a very unique accessory.


Niche – Misunderstandings and the Market

Magic Bullet Quick Looks, which is the light version of the full Magic Bullet Looks software, allows users to quickly give their footage different colour schemes. Magic Bullet Quick Looks version 1.0, from Red Giant Software, was released today, bringing simple colouring options to film-makers on a budget. By selecting from one of over 100.


The Droids: Google Phones

Okay, just fine is a little too broad of a generalization; after all, there was a record number of calls to the FCC last Friday on this subject. It would appear that our televisions have gone from analog to digital stations just fine.