By: Shining Glory  09-12-2011
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Sanding & Polishing - We offer a sanding and polishing process that produces a consistent, deep and lasting polish for heavy trucks, trailers, buses and winnebagos - unfortunately we cannot polish car or light truck rims at this time! Rims with deep pitting, oxidization, stone and curb damage can be sanded smooth, we’ll put the rim through 3 sanding cycles in preparation for the buffing process, however depending on the condition of the rim, it may require more prep work for that mirror finish! Flitz® - Anti-Tarnish formula (metal, plastic & fiberglass polish)

Inventory - Reconditioned Polished Aluminum Rims
Our inventory rims have gone through the entire process of the sanding, polishing and inspection.Wheel Exchange - For a discounted fee you leave us your dirty rims in exchange you receive our processed rims.Bead Cleaning - We offer a complete bead cleaning cycle on our machine for a nominal fee.Bonus Service - We offer a pick-up and delivery service. Drop off your rims or drive in, we have the capabilities Detailing - We specialize in trucks, but we offer 2 packages on any type of vehicleBasic Interior Package: Complete vacuum of upholstery and carpets, clean all windows, interior wash and wipe down, vinyl and plastic restoration protectant (exculeds shampoo, stain removal & carpet extraction).Premium Package: Complete vacuum of upholstrey, clean all windows, interior wash and wipe down, detailed upholstrey deep clean shampoo/steam/stain removal, carpet extraction, vinyl and plastic restoration protectant and a bonus exterior wash!

Keywords: Carpet, Polishing, rims, sanding, Truck Rims