Factoring, Accounts Receivable Financing. Credit Insurance, Purchase Order Financing

Factoring, Accounts Receivable Financing. Credit Insurance, Purchase Order Financing from Liquid Capital Midwest Corp.

By: Liquid Capital Midwest Corp.  10-10-2010
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Liquid Capital Midwest offers working capital solutions and services that help businesses succeed.  We operate as a partner without taking equity, sharing in profits, or making business decisions.  Our services include:

·         Full Factoring.  All of a business’s approved accounts are sold to Liquid Capital Midwest.  We advance typically 80% in cash up front and the balance as we collect, less our discount fee. 

·         Spot Factoring.  The same services as full factoring, except only a portion of the business’s approved accounts are sold to Liquid Capital Midwest, as chosen by the client.   

·         Purchase Order Finance. Liquid Capital Midwest offers purchase order finance for the acquisition of pre-sold inventory.  Factoring the A/R on delivery of the goods to the customer funds the payment to the manufacturer.

·         A/R Back Office. Liquid Capital acts as the business’s outsourced accounts receivable department.  Our qualified professionals underwrite the customer’s credit, provide collection services, process payments through a lock box, and provide a full on-line reporting system.  The cost is very economical compared to staffing a credit department in-house.   

·         Credit Insurance. Credit Insurance is an economical way for a business to help insure selected invoices against loss from a customer’s insolvency.



Liquid Capital Midwest provides strategic solutions for businesses that need working capital.  We can help businesses that do not currently qualify for a bank loan.  Here are some situations in which we can be of help:

·         Funding Growth Opportunities.  Factoring provides working capital to fund growth opportunities and seasonal peaks in demand.  A business will never again need to turn down profitable business.

·         Sale of Business.  When a business is sold or recapitalized, the added burden of funding new debt can be managed by an increase in working capital provided by factoring.   

·         Avoiding Equity Dilution.  In venture or angel-funded companies, factoring can avoid or delay the need for additional equity.  The client “rents” needed capital from us on a short to mid-term basis.  This can eliminate or minimize permanent equity dilution. 

·         Funding Ineligible Receivables on Bank Line.  Liquid Capital Midwest provides spot factoring for ineligible receivables due to high concentrations or foreign customers.

·         BankPlusProgram.  Liquid Capital Midwest has developed a combination bank line and factoring line where the bank provides a line of credit and is in first lien position.  Liquid Capital Midwest offers a junior factoring line resulting in a combined lower cost to the client.  BankPluscan also be used by a bank for commercial loan workouts.

·         Financing Turnarounds.  Factoring can be used to provide funding for bankruptcy reorganizations.

Liquid Capital Midwest is a Southwestern Ontario based finance firm that specializes in providing innovative working capital solutions for small and medium sized businesses that do not yet qualify for, or have reached the limits of their bank financing.  We strive to be the responsive alternative to traditional lending for businesses with short term needs for working capital.  Our clients are typically startup or established businesses that have credit requirements between $5,000 and $10,000,000 and are poised to take advantage of growth opportunities. 


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