Swimming Pool - Spa Services

By: Erie Accent Pools  09-12-2011
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Pool Openings

We pump off the pool cover, clean the pool cover, remove the pool cover, fold and store it away, remove winterizing plugs, install ladders and diving boards etc., hook up and start the pump and filter, shock and algaecide the pool.

Pool Closings

We pump the pool down below the jets, remove eyeballs, blow out lines, add non-toxic antifreeze to the lines, install winterizing plugs, winterize equipment, remove ladders etc., shock and algaecide the pool, finally install winter cover.

Liner Replacements

We remove the existing liner, repair any damage to cement grout pool bottom, change coping if necessary and then install the new liner.

Complete Pool Renovations

This service will be customized to meet your specific requirements and may include water features, LED lighting options, deep end & sport pool conversions, Clear Deck Installations, new stair installations, liner replacements, coping and concrete replacement or repairs and much more.

Pump Repair

We provide a thorough evaluation of your pump and provide you with recommendations for its repair or refurbishment.

Monthly Platinum Pool Maintenance

We will pick up your pool & spa water sample once a month, perform a complete computerized water analysis, return to your home and add any balancing chemicals that are required to your pool. We will also be happy to deliver any other pool chemicals or accessories you require.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Running out of time on these beautiful summer days? Enjoy coming home to a crystal clear, maintenance-free pool throughout the season.. without having to lift a finger.

Going away on vacation? Relax.. and leave for your holiday knowing that your pool will be well cared for by the professionals. Whether on a weekly program or just for a specific number of days, we'll come to your home once a week, vacuum the pool, clean the coping, clean the scum line, clean the stairs, empty the skimmer and pump baskets, backwash the filter, top up the water level, add any necessary chemicals and/or salts to the pool, complete a computerized water analysis and add any balancing chemicals that are required.  

Sit Back and Relax! We'll do all the work for you.

Spa Openings

We clean out the spa, fill it up, get it running and ensure all equipment is functioning properly.

Spa Closings

We clean out the spa, drain the spa, blow out lines, add non-toxic antifreeze to the lines and finally cover the spa.

Spa Repairs

Our professional service technicians can make any repairs to spa packs, top side controls, repair heaters, elements etc.

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